Inverclyde Cares launches with New Programme Board and Appointment of New Programme Lead

The programme boards of Compassionate Inverclyde and Inverclyde Cares will merge to help Inverclyde recover from the pandemic in the most effective way.

Programme Lead for Compassionate Inverclyde, a service provided by Ardgowan Hospice, Alison Bunce, will join CVS Inverclyde on a secondment basis and take on the new role of programme lead for Compassionate Inverclyde and Inverclyde Cares.

Inverclyde Cares will create a strategic network of organisations from the third, public and private sectors underpinned by values of kindness, compassion and equality. Inverclyde Cares will have three core principles: engaging communities, connecting people and building neighbourly and kind communities.

CVSI CEO, Charlene Elliott, said: “As sponsor of Inverclyde HSCP’s Strategic Plan Big Action 6, I’m pleased to be utilising CVSI’s strong resources and networks as Inverclyde’s third sector interface to support the development of Inverclyde Cares.

“We are thrilled that Alison can join CVS Inverclyde and take on the role as programme lead for Inverclyde Cares.  The merging of the boards with Alison at the helm is an important step to aid Inverclyde’s recovery. It will mean we can work collaboratively and harness people and resources from across sectors and organisations. Alison brings a wealth of experience to lead this.”

Alison Bunce said: “I am excited to start this new role and lead on Inverclyde Cares. We’ve seen over the past year how individuals and organisations in Inverclyde have worked together to help the most vulnerable people in Inverclyde. Inverclyde Cares will keep this momentum going as we begin our recovery. Many people will be facing social and economic challenges in the wake of the pandemic so the role of the third sector will continue to be vital.”

Alison’s secondment with CVSI will last for 12 months and is funded by the Inverclyde HSCP and Ardgowan Hospice.

Commenting on the appointment, Linda McEnhill, CEO of Ardgowan Hospice said, “Inverclyde is inherently caring and compassionate. Combining the boards of Compassionate Inverclyde and Inverclyde Cares will harness this: recognising and nurturing the strengths of individuals, families and communities to build independence and self-resilience in Inverclyde.”

Commenting on behalf of Inverclyde Council’s Health and Social Care Convener, Councillor Robert Moran, said: “Throughout covid one thing about our areas has come shining through is that Inverclyde cares. Whether that’s through the countless volunteers supporting people or the public services who have continued working to support communities and businesses across Inverclyde.  Alison’s secondment will help to take the amazing work already going on here in Inverclyde and push it forward. She has shown with her work at Compassionate Inverclyde that even at our most vulnerable stage in life Inverclyde cares about our people from the beginning of life up to the end.”