Support for Levelling Up Bid

An ambitious £22m bid to the UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund to transform the heart of Greenock Town Centre is getting support from the community.

A survey received over 500 responses from the community with an average 81 per cent support rate. The survey asked people about the various elements of the proposal which would see the removal of Bullring Roundabout, the A8 being brought to ground level, a 40 per cent reduction in the Oak Mall, a new civic space, housing and learning/college facility and a new cultural quarter centred around the Glebe Building.

79.18 per cent of people supported the proposal to remove the A8 flyover, removing the Bullring Roundabout and bringing the road down to ground level to create easier access into the town centre.

87.55 per cent of people supported the reduction of the Oak Mall by 40 per cent and that the existing retail space changes to be outward looking to create a functional heart to the town centre and improve the links between each side of the town centre and the waterfront. 

Levelling up road network
Inverclyde Council UK Levelling Up Fund bid for Greenock Town Centre. Artist's impression of the view towards the Municipal Buildings.

74.35 per cent supported the removal of Hector McNeil House and the creation of a new civic space to create a more open look to the town centre and the construction of a new learning/college facility and new housing in the town centre.

84.26 per cent of people supported the creation of a new cultural centre/quarter centred around the Glebe Building.

Inverclyde Council’s Environment and Regeneration Convener, Councillor Michael McCormick, said: “It is very encouraging that people have taken the time to support the proposals in the council’s ambitious bid to the UK Levelling Up Fund.

“The aim of the bid is to tap into national funding to bring about real transformation of the town centre in Greenock.

“The proposals would aim to ensure the sustainability of the town centre, open up and create better links and improve access into Greenock for visitors and residents.”

The Levelling up Fund bid for Greenock is currently being finalised by Inverclyde Council.

The original submission deadline of 6 July 2022 for bids from across the UK has been pushed back while a new online portal is finalised to allow bids to be uploaded electronically.