Pay award 2022/ 2023

Local Government Employees

We know you’ll be eager to have further information about the 2022/23 pay award for Local Government Employees (LGE) and when this will be implemented.

Talks are still ongoing at a national level, and local authorities across Scotland are awaiting formal instruction from COSLA to apply the 2022/23 pay award for Local Government Employees. There are still a couple of areas which have not been finalised and which require clarity, in particular, the payment of SSSC fees and the additional annual leave day.

Until we receive the formal confirmation of agreement at national level we cannot progress with the implementation of the pay award. Accordingly, at this time we are not yet able to advise when our LGE colleagues will receive their pay award and back-pay.

As soon as we know when we can apply the pay award, we’ll provide an update.

Chief Officer and Teaching Colleagues

Discussions about Chief Officer, & Teachers are still ongoing. The proposed pay offer of 5% for Teaching colleagues was rejected by teaching trade unions at the end of September 2022.

Council Leavers

Leavers since 1 April 2022 are in scope for the 2022/23 back-dated pay award. The Council will process back pay of this nature only if the employee who left requests in writing. The employee must submit such a request to payroll services no later than 12 months from the effective date of the pay award

National Insurance Changes

From 6 November 2022, the temporary 1.25% increase in NI rates will be reversed for the rest of this financial year (so until 31 March 2023).

Our Payroll team can't provide information on how the National Insurance changes will affect colleagues individually - as this is a matter for HMRC.