Social workers’ pride at life-changing work

TWO Inverclyde social workers have spoken of their pride at making a difference to the lives of children and families in the area.

Emma Aitken and Amy Caldwell have shared their experiences of working within the Inverclyde Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) service to encourage others to join the ranks.

It comes as the children and families team, based at Princes Street House in Port Glasgow, look to recruit experienced and newly-qualified social workers.

Emma, who has worked in the service for five years, said: “I initially wanted to get involved with children and families social work to help and be a part of promoting change.

“Families in every walk of life all go through different hardships and face different obstacles and I have always stayed clear that my aim is to support and provide necessary guidance.

“The most rewarding part for me is the relationships you build within your practice, families within Inverclyde are allowing you into their lives and trusting you.

“I am proud of the relationships I have with children, teenagers, parents, grandparents and foster carers. I have worked with children ranging from ages 0-18 and I can also say that I am proud of the relationships I have developed working with children and their families in a range of complex and diverse situations. I have seen children and teenagers come through difficult transitions and been a part of supporting them through difficult times.

“I would encourage other people to apply to work for Inverclyde as it is the great start for either a newly qualified social worker or a social worker looking to develop their practice. Inverclyde HSCP have opportunities for great experience, you will become a highly skilled social worker.

“We have a good balance of working from home/working in the office and I have felt very supported my manager and previous managers throughout the pandemic and any difficult periods.” 

Inverclyde HSCP children and families social workers Amy Caldwell, left, and Emma Aitken.
Inverclyde HSCP children and families social workers Amy Caldwell, left, and Emma Aitken. 

Colleague Amy, who only started working for the service this year, has already had a positive experience in such a short space of time.

Amy said: “I have worked in HSCP’s children and families’ team since April this year following my final year placement within the team.

“It is a fulfilling role which allows me to see the positive difference we can make with families.

“I enjoy my job due to being able to complete direct work with families and promote positive change whilst supporting families to reach their full potential and develop new skills.

“The HSCP/council is great to work for due to the support provided and the opportunities to further develop my own skills.

“I would encourage others to join the council due to the learning opportunities and experience that comes with working in Inverclyde.”

Various social worker roles are currently available within the children and families service, including permanent, temporary, full-time and part-time positions offering competitive salary and benefits.

New recruits will be given full support and the posts come with good career progression prospects.

Councillor Colin Jackson, convener of Inverclyde Council’s social care and social work scrutiny panel, said: “The children and families team play such a crucial role in our community supporting young people and their families and you can hear from the testimonies of Emma and Amy just how much of an impact they have on people but also the positive impact they have on them as well.

“It’s through first-hand accounts like this that you understand just how rewarding a career as a social worker can be and just how important they are in making a difference to the lives of fellow Inverclyde residents.

“There has been no better time to join the team, whether you are recently qualified or have bags of experience, and you will be supported every step of the way to not only help the children and families you will work closely with but also to realise your own career ambitions.”

For more information on the roles available and to apply before the closing date on Sunday 6 November 2022, visit