#BeCourteous campaign launched

A new campaign launches today (Monday 17 April 2023) encouraging people to be courteous to others when walking, cycling, running or dog walking. 

The campaign is being launched by Inverclyde Council with support from the Smarter Places, Smarter Choices fund from Paths for All. 

Inverclyde’s Environment and Regeneration Convener, Councillor Michael McCormick, said: “Over recent years we have been increasing active travel opportunities for people walking, running and cycling. 

“As more people use them the issue of courtesy for other users comes up regularly in surveys and reviews. That is why we are launching a new campaign called ‘be courteous’.   

Be Courteous campaign poster
Be Courteous campaign poster

“It is about encouraging everyone to make the best of these spaces but to look out for the needs of other people. If you are cycling or running, you’ll use the space at a different pace to walkers. If you are a dog walker your dog lead could create a trip hazard to other users.    

“It is a campaign to remind us to be courteous to one another and enjoy the beauty Inverclyde has to offer, safely.” 

The campaign will harness the reach of social media to communicate with audiences throughout Inverclyde over the next four weeks, using a specially created short film.  

This campaign is funded by Smarter Places, Smarter Choices from Paths for All. 

To learn more and to view the campaign short video, click on the link in the Related Links section of this page.  

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