Alcohol-related deaths figures 2023

Figures published today, Tuesday 29 August 2023, by the National Records of Scotland (NRS) show the number of deaths in Inverclyde from alcohol-specific causes in 2022.

The report indicated that 28 people in Inverclyde sadly lost their lives as a result of an alcohol-related death in 2022, which is two more than the previous year. 

Councillor Francesca Brennan, convener of the social work and social care scrutiny panel, said: “When talking about these statistics, it is always worth remembering that behind every alcohol-related death is a person and their family and friends who are all sadly affected by their loss.

"While there is a lot of good work on the go by the council and health and social care services through the Inverclyde Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP), we know more can and must be done.

"There are improved routes into treatment, support and recovery and initiatives such as increased liaison in acute hospital and community recovery, more is needed and we are working with a range of partners to develop an alcohol recovery pathway.

“It will take time to turn the tide on this national epidemic but rest assured we are working hard with various initiatives to reduce the number of alcohol-related deaths in our community.

"Anyone out there who is struggling with alcohol or drug dependency or anyone who knows someone who is struggling, there are services out there willing and able to help so please seek support as soon as possible and there is more information on the Inverclyde ADP website.”

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