Take pride in Inverclyde

Inverclyde residents are being reminded of the consequences of dumping their rubbish where it doesn’t belong.

The council has been running a campaign to highlight the increase in a fine from £200 to £500 for flytipping, which was introduced by the Scottish Government in June last year.

Inverclyde Council now has the power to issue a £500 fixed penalty notice if there is enough evidence that an individual has been caught flytipping. Failure to pay will result in a report being sent to the Procurator Fiscal and possible prosecution.

The issue is particularly noticeable at Neighbourhood Recycling Points (NRP) across Inverclyde and new signs have been put up to remind people they could be fined if they don’t dispose of their rubbish properly. This includes leaving it on the ground outside a full bin, putting rubbish in the wrong recycling bin, or dumping it where it doesn’t belong.

Flytipping at a neighbourhood recycling point in Inverclyde

Inverclyde Council staff have found the waste being dumped is a mix of domestic, white van clearances and commercial waste from businesses.

A spokesperson for Inverclyde Council said: “Ignorance is no excuse. The signs are there and people know not to leave their rubbish where it doesn’t belong.

“We all want to take pride in Inverclyde but sadly a minority can spoil it for the majority.

“The £500 fixed penalty notice has been set by the Scottish Government to try and discourage people. The only alternative to a fine is prosecution – don’t risk it.

“Flytipping is unsightly, unsanitary and can be dangerous for wildlife and we urge people to stop doing it.”