Community Grants Fund is open for applications

Community, sport, music, arts and voluntary groups can now apply for grants from the council’s Community Grants Fund.

The fund is now accepting applications from groups looking for funding to support their work in communities across Inverclyde.

It has been set up to allow the council to provide financial support to a variety of groups across Inverclyde.

There are three categories of funding, each with a £10,000 cap. They are:

  • Facilities/Core Costs
  • Project Costs
  • Fee Waivers

Organisations wanting to make applications need to specify on the paperwork how much funding is being requested against the three categories.

They will also need to specify if and how the awarding of a grant would contribute to and benefit the wider community, in line with the local priorities.

Applications are open now and must be received by 12 noon on Thursday 18 July. Applications made before this time will be considered by the grants sub-committee at its next meeting, which is expected to take place in September.

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