Address Enquiries

New charges for the naming of streets and numbering of properties in new developments are coming into force in April 2023. Full details of these charges can be found below.

The Council’s street naming and numbering service covers the following areas:

  • resolving address issues

  • choosing names for streets in Inverclyde

  • allocating numbers to properties

  • notifying people and organisations of all new or changed property addresses

  • renaming streets and renumbering properties – in exceptional cases

Address enquiries

If you have a query relating to your address, please contact us and we will try to answer the question or resolve the issue.

A common issue is that different organisations e.g the Council, the Assessors, Royal Mail, hold different versions of your address, which can cause difficulty when arranging deliveries or utility providers.

We can usually help to solve these problems and contact Royal Mail and the Assessors on your behalf to arrange any changes required to their records.

Naming and numbering new streets

When a developer is about to build new houses, they should provide us with information on the layout of the development so that we can start the street naming process.

The Council will undertake road naming and numbering with regard to its approved guidance on this matter.

Information required to allocate street names and numbers

Drawings showing the layout of the development are required, so individual properties with plot numbers if appropriate, and roads can be identified. For flats or sub-divided properties, floor layouts may be required.

Plans should ideally be in an electronic (pdf) format, and should show only the site layout (and floor plans for sub-divided or flatted properties) together with roads and footways. The drawings should clearly identify all individual properties.

Renaming Streets

There are various reasons why a street could be renamed, but the most common purpose is to make addressing clearer.

When a street is renamed, the Council will:

  • put a notice in the local press explaining the proposals
  • contact all affected property owners
  • invite responses within 28 days of the advert appearing

After 28 days, all responses will be considered and a decision made. If the street is renamed, the Council will confirm this to all affected property owners and third parties. These include utility companies, emergency services, Royal Mail and the Renfrewshire Valuation Joint Board who handle Council tax payments.

Naming a new street

The Council will seek suggestions for new street names from site developers. 

The views of local councillors and the local community council are also sought when a new street name is required in their area. The names of new streets are ultimately decided by the Councils’ Environment and Regeneration Committee.

Charges for Naming and Numbering New Developments

A new charging scheme for the naming and numbering of new developments was approved by the Council's Environment & Regeneration Committee in January 2023. The following charges will apply to any developments, requiring naming and numbering services, which commence on or after 1st April 2023.







51-100 NEW UNITS


(per street)

(total fee)

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Get in touch

If you would like our assistance on a matter relating to street naming and numbering, you can email us at or call us on 01475 712419