Building Standards Register


Building warrant and statutory notice data displayed here may be incomplete and should not be used as a substitute for obtaining a Property Enquiry Certificate. The Council accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information obtained using this search access; any actions that are taken as a result of information displayed on this site are taken entirely at the viewer's own risk.

  • Building Warrant data is available from 1 May 2005
  • Statutory Notice data is available from 1 May 2005
Please note that due to the introduction of new software on 1st April 2008 the full register is incomplete for applications received before this date. Should the application of interest have been applied for before this date you should also refer to the 'Building Warrant Register 2005-2008 (Superseded)' to complete the full application history.

Viewing Plans

In addition to the information accessible online, Part II of the register containing the drawings, specifications, certificates, and other information used to determine the application, such as soil tests is available for inspection at the Municipal Buildings, Clyde Square, Greenock subject to restrictions. For individual dwellings, access is limited to anyone with an interest in the dwelling, such as the current or prospective owner or tenant of the building or an adjoining (attached) building. For applications where it has been indicated on the application form that there is a security concern, access will only be permitted with the written permission of the owner. These restrictions are not affected by the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. Due to the high volume of records and the search time involved, information is only accessible by prior arrangement.

Please note there is a £45.50 fee for the search and retrieval of any file.