Works That Do Not Have a Building Warrant

Starting work without a building warrant is an offence and could lead to a fine of up to £5,000. Also, if you sell your property the buyer's solicitor will expect to see that the Council has accepted a Completion Certificate for any alterations that the surveyor highlights in his report. You run the risk of losing a sale should this result in delays.

Where works have been carried out and completed since 1 May 2005 without a Building Warrant, this requires to be regularised by the submission of a Completion Certificate Where No Building Warrant Obtained (often called a Late Completion Certificate). This is essentially the same process as an application for building warrant, including the provision of plans and details, but the fee is 300% of the normal warrant fee.

If the works were completed prior to 1 May 2005 the situation can usually be remedied by requesting the issue of a Letter of Intent. The Council’s response will be considered on an individual basis. The charge for a letter is £208, however where an inspection is required the charge is £492. It is likely that all but the most minor alterations will require an inspection.

The links on this page provide more guidance and application forms.