Green Charter

The Council seeks to promote the economic, social and environmental well-being of local people and the community. We promise to:

  • Minimise impacts on climate change by reducing the Council’s carbon footprint and communicate what can be done by local residents to help tackle the issue
  • consider the environmental impact of the services we provide by carrying out an assessment of all services to ensure we undertake the key actions of the Green Charter
  • use the duties, powers and resources invested in us to minimise the impact of our actions and those of others on the environment, and to enhance the environment, wherever possible
  • make the most effective use of our resources to provide value for money by taking into account the whole life costs of the goods and services we purchase
  • outline and consider the environmental implications of all policy reports presented to our Council and its committees
  • use our Green Charter to seek to influence the behaviour of our partners, stakeholders, customers and the citizens of Inverclyde

Linked to this is the ‘Schools Green Charter’ which seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of our schools and help promote a culture of environmental sustainability by educating young people on the issue.  All schools in Inverclyde have signed up to the Green Charter with a view to taking certain actions to reduce their environmental impact and achieve Eco Schools Green Flag status.