Archaeology & Scheduled Monuments

The Planning Policy team of the Regeneration and Planning Service is the main contact point for any enquiries regarding archaeology. In the first instance contact Margaret Pickett in the Planning Policy team on 01475 712493 or send an e-mail to    

Inverclyde has a rich archaeological heritage. It has 31 Scheduled Monuments of national importance. Historic Environment Scotland is responsible for all matters relating to these.  There are also 634 archaeological sites of regional or local importance and the Council is responsible for the recording of these.

The Council recognises the importance of archaeology and is committed to meeting its obligations where archaeological assets are present or there is potential that they may be.  Archaeology will be taken into consideration in both the development plan and when making decisions on planning applications. Schedules detailing the Scheduled Monuments and the archaeological sites within each settlement have been compiled to assist in this work.

Register of Potential Archaeological Sites
Anyone with details of potential archaeological sites in Inverclyde that they think could be worthy of investigation should submit details to the Planning Policy team using the Potential Archaeology Site Submission Form. This information will then be entered on the Register of Potential Archaeological Sites.