The Margaret Fleming Significant Case Review

Margaret Fleming was one of our own – a citizen of Inverclyde for all of her life.

But in July 2019 two individuals were found guilty of her murder following a lengthy trial.

In response, the independent  Adult Protection Committee in Inverclyde, chaired by Alex Davidson, commissioned an ongoing Significant Case Review. Its purpose is to understand the full circumstances of Margaret’s death, to examine and assess the role of all relevant services, establish and identify areas for improvement and lessons to be shared. This remit follows the National Framework for Adult Protection Committees for conducting a Significant Case Review which is Scottish Government guidance produced in 2019. This work is being led by an Independent Reviewer, Professor Jean MacLellan, OBE.

Given that Margaret died over twenty years ago, getting a detailed and accurate picture of her life and circumstances will need tenacity and sensitivity. Professor MacLellan appreciates that those of you who have lived in Inverclyde for a long time may have knowledge of Margaret that you may be willing to share. In doing so, it is important to recognise that this is about honouring Margaret’s life and memory. It is not about revisiting the trial. It is ultimately about ensuring that the lives of people like Margaret are respected and valued today and in the future.

So this website is set up for us all to use to learn about and contribute to the Review and its outcomes. The Contact Us section which follows is your opportunity to take part. The website will continue after the Review is completed, as part of Margaret’s legacy, as a point of contact and as a place to learn about initiatives that are taking place across Inverclyde and beyond.

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