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On this page you will find Inverclyde Council's open consultations.

Kilmacolm Parking Consultation

Please note this consultation will go live on Monday 21 October 2019.



Inverclyde Council consultations
Name of consultation

Closing date

Quarrier’s Homes Conservation Area Appraisal CLOSED
Greenock Parking Consultation 2019 CLOSED
Consultation on Proposed Amendment to the Inverclyde Core Paths Plan CLOSED
Gourock Parking Consultation 2019 CLOSED
Proposed disposal of Land at Kirn Drive - June/July 2019 CLOSED
Quarrier's Homes Conservation Area Appraisal - 30th May 2019 CLOSED
West Blackhall Street evening consultation event, May 2019 CLOSED

Inverclyde Health & Social Care Strategic Plan 2019-2024 Consultation


Review of Polling Stations 2019


Final British Sign Language 2018


Lady Alice Bowling Club 2018


Budget Consultation 2018




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