Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy Programme

As part of our ‘Inverclyde Works’ initiative, the Council is pleased to be able to support employers in their recruitment of Inverclyde residents into new apprenticeship posts.

If you have a new apprenticeship role, you may be able to receive up to a maximum of £10,000 towards the wage costs for the first 18 months of the post.  The Wage Subsidy amount will be calculated at 50% of the hourly rate for a period of up to 78 weeks, or to £10,000, whichever comes first.

Approval of a Wage Subsidy is at the sole discretion of the Council.  With a limited number of subsidies available, no guarantee is given that an employer application will be approved, however we will aim to get a decision to you within 7 working days of submission of the required paperwork.

Full details of the Programme, including the level of financial support available and the timescales, can be found on the Information Sheet available from this page. 

Key points to note include:

  • Private/third sector employers of any size can be supported, however the emphasis is on small/medium sized companies (less than 250 employees) based in Inverclyde.
  • Preference will be given to posts that are permanent, however where a fixed term contract is offered it must be for a minimum of 18 months, and of a duration that allows completion of the relevant Modern Apprentice qualification.
  • Contracted hours must be for a minimum of 35 hours per week and a maximum of 40 hours per week. Zero hour contracts are not eligible.
  • The National Minimum Wage for the age of the apprentice must be paid in order to be eligible for a Wage Subsidy – we will not support an apprenticeship role where the apprentice minimum wage is paid.
  • A Wage Subsidy cannot be used to replace a redundant post. 
  • An eligible person is an Inverclyde resident who is unemployed/unwaged (no minimum length), or who is moving to a new employer to a job that will increase their salary and/or hours.  An eligible person must have a legal right to live and work in the UK.
  • Inverclyde Council's Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy cannot be used to support jobs which are funded by the UK Kickstart Scheme.

Applications must be made at least two weeks prior to the anticipated start date of employment in order for assessment to be undertaken and notification of the outcome issued to the employer.

How to Apply

1. Employers should send an e-mail to requesting an Employer Application form.  In the e-mail, you must provide at least the following information:-

  • Organisation Name
  • Company Address
  • Apprenticeship Post Title
  • Qualification the Apprentice will undertake
  • Contracted Hours Per Week
  • Hourly Rate
  • Permanent or Fixed Term Contract (if fixed term, state duration)
  • Anticipated Employment Start Date
  • Current Number of Full Time Employees (Including Directors) i.e. contracted for 35 hours or more per week
  • Current Number of Part Time Employees (Including Directors) i.e. contracted for less than 35 hours per week

2. If we are able to support the post we will issue an Employer Application form which must be returned before we can provide formal notification of the outcome of the application.  At this stage, we will also provide a Candidate Application form.

3. Once you have identified a suitable candidate, please complete the Candidate Application and submit it, along with the evidence documentation (as described in the Information Sheet) and return to .  We aim to respond within 10 working days.

4.  A formal Offer of Financial Support will be issued once all candidate evidence paperwork has been provided.

Any enquiries regarding the Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy Programme, and/or any application documentation, must be submitted directly to the Council by the Employer or Candidate, and not via a third party.

No hardcopy applications are being accepted at this time, all submissions must be emailed.

If you are looking for help with identification of potential suitable candidates, help with the recruitment process, or help to identify a suitable MA framework and training provider, please contact:

Inverclyde Community Development Trust on 01475 553333 or .

However, you are under no obligation to use their (free) services in order to access the Council’s Apprenticeship Wage Subsidy programme.