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The purpose and structure of the national Employability Pipeline is to provide people with a tailor made pathway of support, where their individual circumstances, barriers, needs and aspirations are assessed and delivery organisations work collaboratively to support and progress each individual through their personal pathway towards, and into, a positive destination.

Inverclyde Council contributes to the Employability Pipeline by funding a range of employability services available to local residents looking for work, or looking to improve their employment situation.  It also supports Inverclyde businesses to train and grow their workforce.

The Council contract with relevant organisations to deliver services that are of high quality and provide best value for money.

Currently, four main contractors deliver services on behalf of the Council:-

Inverclyde Community Development Trust (ICDT) Ltd provide job seeking advice and support, vocational skills training, and personal development programmes for young people and adults, to improve confidence, motivation and skills to enable progression to employment. Specialist services are available from Inverclyde’s Financial Fitness organisation and literacies support by the Council’s Community Learning & Development department.

For those clients who are more “job ready” the Trust provide support with CV’s, job applications, matching their clients with local job opportunities, and interview preparation.

A work experience programme is also available, which provides fixed term paid work placements within a range of local organisations, providing clients with relevant experience to add to their CV.

For those in low paid and/or low skilled employment there is scope to take part in training that can enhance employment opportunities.

https://www.the-trust.org.uk/      Tel:  01475 553333


ENABLE Scotland is a dedicated service that will work with local employers to assess their recruitment practices and workforce demographics to promote diversity and inclusive practice.  Assistance with all aspects of the recruitment process is available.  The service also provides a suite of training packages including Disability Awareness, Austim Awareness, Mental Health in the Workplace, Assistive Technology Awareness, Employment Law Basics, Access to Work training and Equality & Diversity Training.  In-work support for the employer and employee is also provided.

Contact: Briony Williamson - Briony.Williamson@enable.org.uk


Stepwell Consultancy Ltd is a local Social Enterprise company specialising in improving the health, well-being and employment opportunities of local people who have a health condition that is preventing them from moving into employment.

Their WholeLife™ Employability and Health programme delivers support that enables people to identify their barriers and builds positive coping strategies whilst working on a plan to improve their physical and mental health. 

Activities available through WholeLife™ Employability and Health include Stress and Condition Management, Counselling, Mentoring, Vocational Training, Personal Development and Supported Employment/Work Placement opportunities.

Stepwell work in partnership with a number of local services and employers to provide specialist client support when needed, ensuring a connected quality service is provided for every client’s individual needs.

 http://www.stepwell.org.uk/      Tel: 01475 724038


Inverclyde Advice & Employment Rights Centre is a local organisation providing a unique service to Inverclyde by supporting people in work who are experiencing difficulties with their employer.  The organisation works with the client and their employer at the earliest possible stage, to resolve issues with a view to maintaining the client in employment.

Inverclyde Advice & Employment Rights Centre works in partnership with a range of services including Welfare Rights, Local Trade Unions, Legal firms and Occupational Health units to ensure the required mix of expertise is available for an individual client.

Address: The Westburn Centre, 175 Dalrymple Street, Greenock     E-mail: etadmin@gconnect.com   Tel: 01475 888039 


The employability provision shown on this page is financed by Inverclyde Council and may also be supported by Scottish Government’s No One Left Behind allocation.

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