Fair Work First

Fair Work has been defined as work that offers effective voice, fulfilment, opportunity, respect and security.

Scottish Government’s Fair Work First criteria is focused on

  1. providing a decent standard of living and income; 
  2. offering security of contract, including hours and earnings; other entitlements including sick pay and pension;
  3. fostering an environment where workers' views are actively sought, listened to and can make a difference, including through a stronger role for trade unions;
  4. giving opportunities for all to learn, develop and progress; 
  5. creating a healthy and safe environment, where individuals' wellbeing is actively supported;
  6. enabling people to have a good work-life balance; 
  7. supporting people to feel valued and respected and that they have a sense of purpose in work and wider society;
  8. promoting innovation and productivity.

In promotion of Fair Work, the Council’s grant conditions for its Wage Subsidy Programme includes the need for employers to embed fair work into their policies and practices.