Modern Apprenticeships

The MA Programme provides people with the opportunity to learn new skills, achieve a nationally recognised qualification and enables them to earn as they learn within a range of vocational areas. 


The Council has offered MAs in:

  • Business Administration
  • Customer Service
  • Life Science (School Technician)
  • IT
  • Vehicle Mechanic
  • Accountancy Technician
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Procurement
  • Waste Management
  • Paralegal Services
  • Childcare

    The MA programme is a practical way to make the most of people's potential, through a structured learning process aimed at equipping them to do a job, whilst providing the opportunity to obtain a work based qualification.  Inverclyde Council work with a variety of training providers to ensure quality provision across a range of qualifications.


    Over the years, the high success rate of MAs gaining full time employment is evidence of the quality of training being provided.


    Recruitment for the MA programme takes place at certain points in the year, and specific vacancies will be advertised via the MyJobScotland website (see the External Links on this page).


    We will also seek to promote vacancies through the Council website, local partners and press.


    For details see the Information Sheet on this page. If you have any questions having read the information, please email .