Gain a Qualification

Are you looking for a job or considering going to college? Would a new qualification help you get the job or course you would like or even just give you the confidence to consider new options in your life?

Within CLD we offer a wide range of accredited learning opportunities to all of our learners. A focus for the Adult Learning and Literacies team is the strong partnership with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). This means that all of the qualifications we offer to learners are mapped to the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework  (SCQF).

Core Skills accreditation is the most popular qualification within the adult groups. Core skills are the skills considered to be essential if individuals are to meet both their personal needs and the needs of society.  Individuals who can analyse and solve problems, communicate well, use information technology and work with other people effectively, are well-equipped to assume the active, flexible and responsible role which modern workplaces need and society expects.

These skills are important because they help learners to be effective in almost everything they do, that’s also why employers value them so much in their employees.  Improving core skills helps learners to cope with today’s changing world.  It will make learners more confident, help them learn other subjects more easily and improve career prospects.

The Core Skills qualifications are ideal for first steps learners as they involve gaining accreditation for the work they are already doing. They are not like school, learners do not have to sit a test to gain the qualification and they do not submit their work for approval until they feel ready – there is no deadline. Each qualification has its own framework and the tutor, with the support of the SQA Co-ordinator, will look for evidence within the learners’ work that meets the criteria. Core Skills qualifications are the icing on the cake for many learners. It is formal recognition for the work they were doing within our sessions to achieve their personal goals.

We also work in partnership with local agencies to embed SQA accreditation learning into their programmes.

We are approved to offer SQA qualifications in the following areas:

  • Employability Award  – this award looks at the skills required to gain employment and the responsibility that come with employment.
  • BSL (British Sign Language) – we offer beginners and level 1 BSL
  • Internet Safety – we can offer internet safety courses as part of our Family Learning work stream
  • PDA SALL – this is the entry qualification for literacies Volunteer Tutors
  • ESOL Qualificationsqualifications in English for Speakers of Other Languages
  • PDA ITESOLthis is the entry qualification for ESOL Volunteer Tutors
  • National 3 & 4 Literacy and Numeracy Units

We also offer a range of SQA accredited CPD opportunities for partner agencies,  for example SQA accredited Spotter and Referrer Training.   Many of our partner agencies report that staff are uncomfortable discussing potential literacies needs with their clients. This one off session for front line staff provides in-house training on the following areas:

  • how to spot potential literacies needs
  • how to broach the subject of literacies with clients
  • how to refer them for personalised support

This free training can be customised to each individual organisation and will be delivered within your premises.