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Information on the Decorative Arts Collections at the McLean Museum.

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Clyde Pottery Pistol
Clyde Pottery ceramic pistol made in 1867 for John Philips - 1977.129
© McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock.

The Decorative Arts Collection contains of Scottish, British and European ceramic pieces made from fired clay. This includes earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The collection contains tiles, drinking and serving vessels, bowls, dishes, storage jars and decorative items. The most important items in the ceramics collection are from the Clyde Pottery.


Venetian revival glass
Nineteenth century Venetian revival glass by Salviati and Co. of Murano.
© McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock.

The Decorative Arts Collection also contains items made from glass which have decorative or design element in their construction and stained glass works of an architectural or decorative type. The most notable glassware is the collection of Venetian revival glass produced by Salviati and Co. of Murano and donated to the museum in 1877 by the Venice and Murano Glass and Mosaic Company Ltd.


Greenock Provincial Silver Yachting Trophy
Inscription on Greenock Provincial Silver yachting trophy by John Heron 1828 - 1978.15
© McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock.

Silverware production was an important craft industry in Greenock in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with a variety of wares being produced by local silversmiths. The local production of silver finished once hallmarking became centralised in 1836.


Pewter Flagon
Pewter flagon with handle, lid and spout made by Stephen Maxwell of Glasgow around 1780 and belonging to the Associate Congregation, Greenock. - 1976.109 - © McLean Museum and Art Gallery, Greenock.

Metalwork includes Scottish, British and European decorative metalwork in a variety of metals. These items date from the seventeenth century onwards. Many of the items were made for ecclesiastical use and several of these have Inverclyde connections and provenances.

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