Greenock West and Gourock Communication and Engagement Group


Greenock West and Gourock Communication & Engagement Group is the platform for residents to influence change and be part of the decision making process, focusing on what matters within your local community. This is for anyone that lives within this locality who is interested in working with local service providers to develop and shape how your community might look in the future. As a member of the communication and engagement group you will have the opportunity to:

  • Be a key part of the decision making process
  • Work with key services to develop solutions to the community issues
  • Ensure that communities are involved in decisions on budget allocations and service delivery


The Communication and Engagement Groups meet digitally on a monthly basis (meeting notes can be accessed on this page), however this is not the only way to get involved. Each group has a closed Facebook Group which provides a platform for sharing information and discussion. A link to join this group can be found within the "Other Websites" section.

If you are unable to access digital content, please contact us using to details below to discuss alternative ways to get involved.

Join your local Communication Engagement Group, help shape the future and have your say!

For more information please contact the Community Learning & Development team.