Inverclyde Council Launch New Food Growing Project

As part of the UK Levelling up funding, Inverclyde Council have secured funding for the Invergrow project. The Invergrow project will support the workings of the Inverclyde Food Network and help implement key actions contained in the Inverclyde Food Growing Strategy.

The aims of the Invergrow project are to:

  • Increase and support community volunteers in relation to food growing in Inverclyde.
  • Support the development of small and large food growing spaces.

Role of the Volunteer:

  • Share existing knowledge and skills with the wider community.
  • Support existing food growing spaces.
  • Support the development of new food growing spaces.

As a Volunteer you will have access to:

  • Peer support across the Food network
  • Access to training
  • Access to resources

No prior experience of food growing is required, for more information please contact us using the details contained in the contact section or by emailing

For Asset Transfers Requests, The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 also provides a mechanism whereby certain community bodies can make request to certain public authorities, including the Council, for a transfer to them of an interest in land or buildings owned or leased by the Council, which the body feel they could make better use of. Please visit the related links column on this webapage for more information.