Asset Transfer Requests

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 provides a mechanism whereby certain community bodies can make request to certain public authorities, including the Council, for a transfer to them of an interest in land or buildings owned or leased by the Council, which the body feel they could make better use of. An asset transfer request can be a request for the transfer of outright ownership; the granting of a lease; or the transfer of other rights. The Council has prepared a guidance booklet on how to submit an asset transfer request, which will assist you in any application you wish to make, and can be downloaded from the Contacts, Documents and Links page. The Scottish Government also produced guidance and model forms which you may also find of assistance, which again can be accessed from the Contacts, Documents and Links page.

More information

Please follow the links above for further information on any current Asset Transfer Requests. If you have any questions about Asset Transfer Requests, please see the above Contacts, Documents and Links page for details of the Community Asset Team.  If you are interested in an asset transfer, you should contact the Community Asset Team early to discuss your proposals.  These discussions will help to simplify and speed up the process.

A formal asset transfer request should be sent in writing to the Community Asset Team, whose details are in the Contacts section of this page. The Council has provided a style of asset transfer request on the above Contacts, Documents and Links page.  A request does not need to be on this form, but as the request must meet the various requirements of the legislation, use of this form is likely to make the process quicker.  You can also download from the above Contacts, Documents and Links pages guidance that the Council has provided on submitting an asset transfer request, and the Asset Transfer Request form.

The Council is required under the Act to publish a Register of Land and an annual Asset Transfer Report.  Please follow the link above for further information on both of these. 


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