Customer feedback

"Please keep the books coming. The service is very good and much appreciated."

"Thanks to the excellent library staff who have introduced me to so many new authors. It would be difficult to improve this service, it is already perfect!"

"The library has introduced me to some new authors which I have really enjoyed. Can you improve on excellent?"

"When the library staff delivered my books, I also got a lovely Easter card with a very tasty sweet treat in front. Thank you"

"Coming to the library helps my daughter's confidence and helps her communicate with other children and adults. It opens up a new world of opportunities for her, she can explore different books as she pleases and meet new friends. She enjoys the time relaxing but can also play and interact when she wants. The staff are welcoming, friendly and always ready to help whenever it is needed. A listening ear is always available to adults and the kids. My kid and I would both be devastated if we didn't have the library to come and spend time in."

Some children from Lady Alice Primary School visited South West Library and said that they loved coming to the library, and especially loved the topic visits.

"I am very happy with the service.  It's great just the way it is.  Thank you"

"Thank you for my delivery of books.  Every time I get my new bag load, I dive straight in to see what delightfull authors I am going to read."

"Dear Matthew - Thank you for your card and the lovely drawing of an Easter bunny and the Easter egg - yum, yum.  I hope you and your friends at Library Club have a Happy Easter and lots of Easter eggs.  Keep Reading!"

"Thank you so much for recommending this book.  It is a terrific account of so much that I was aware of only as disjointed news items in newspapers or broadcasts.  It's as compelling as any thriller - I could hardly put it down, honestly!"

"I have had a bit of a rough time recently. I loved receiving the lovely card in my December delivery bag from the Library Club children. I still have the card up and every time I look at it, it makes me smile.  Please tell them how much I appreciate the card."

"Thank you for passing the Giles Brandreth book on to me.  I have never before been the person to read a library book as its first borrower - and that made the whole thing even more enjoyable.  It's a super book."

"Lauren has been so kind, and so informative dealing with our Chest, Heart & Stroke Group.  She introduced us to 'Playaways' - I've taken one, as has another member.  A real star, look after her - she is wonderful"

"Thank you for hosting the Communication and Focus sessions at Port Glasgow Library.  Lauren has been such a help, and has given us a warm welcome."

"Thank you for providing a lovely, warm and welcoming library setting".

"I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to the lady Anne who runs the Bookbug at Inverkip Library.  She is always so welcoming, fun and encouraging to us.  We enjoy her sessions so much."

"Above and beyond the call of duty!  We had computers booked for 2 hours but hadn't finished completing the CVs when the computers were due to time out.  Without having to ask, the wonderful library staff extended the booking time to allow us to finish the CVs.  Fantastic.  Another time, I had left my laptop.  The library staff,knowing it was mine, locked it safely away for me to collect."

“We attended the crafternoons at Port Glasgow Library and really enjoyed them. We made lots of things and had a great time. The staff there are wonderful. Always very welcoming and brilliant with the children. We love going there.”

"Dandelion - what a wonderful project!  The art work is stunning - such imagination.  The Drying Green made me smile, and I so enjoyed spending time in this special place.  Barrs Cottage or South West Library has become a haven for wildlife, and promotes learning on it's doorstep.  The project brought back memories of the Princess Garden we had at Ravenscraig Primary.  Congratulations to all involved and well done Inverclyde Libraries.  I look forward to visiting again."

"The reading garden is absolutely beautiful and a fantastic addition to the library"

"Not just a library. Concerts, silent discos, a real cultural asset that is definitely trying to shake up what it means to be a library"

“ I love the recommended reads on your display. It prompts you to read something different than your normal choices”.

“I just love all the things you do in the library. We can’t do without it”.

"Kids had a great time, they could draw what they wanted and make crowns and masks.  Lots of helpful staff made it a lovely way to sped the afternoon.  Thank you."

"Crafternoon sessions have been fabulous.  The staff are so helpful and welcoming.  The resources are great.  Sessions like this for families are amazing, especially being free which helps families keep the children entertained.  It brings people together.  The children have fun and make friends and the adults can get involved, and have a chat with others."

"Great session.  Great materials to engage kids of all ages/abilities.  Fab for children's imagination.  Will definitely be back."

"Great wee afternoon, lots for the children to do and many resources.  Fab opportunity for a free activity - good to get the children mixing.  Staff were also brilliant!"

"My little boy had a great time at the Lego club in Kilmalcolm Library. He enjoyed building with the little Lego & Duplo. We also enjoyed a story together at the end."

Looking forward to accessing the activities the libraries have on offer this summer. It's brilliant!

"Bookgroup has definitely improved my mental health"

"A huge thank you to Inverclyde Libraries for sorting it so that all of our inpatients can access the library on tablets - books and audiobooks.  Wonderful stuff."

"Just finished "The Cut" by Chris Brookmyre - very enjoyable.  Before that, Shuggie Bain - hadn't realised how autobiographical it is, but found it so, so depressing.  Much preferred The Young Team.  Cheers, Gourock Library for giving me the chance to read all those books on my must read list".

A Kilmacolm library customer was so appreciative of the help she got when looking for assistance to find accommodation when re-locating that she took the time to contact the staff member who helped her to let her know she had settled.- We love a happy ending!

"Oliver absolutely loves reading, and is so pleased we've managed to book another block of Bookbug sessions.  It's really bringing him out of his shell.  The ladies at the Greenock Library are amazing, and go out of their way to give Oliver the best time"

"How underrated are local libraries?!  Due to home WiFi issues, I'm working from Gourock @Inverclyde Libraries and within 5 mins, they had me set up and working away with such a friendly welcome.  The staff are such an asset to the community, and have bee so helpful to everyone!"

"My little boy is deaf so it can sometimes be difficult for him to get benefit out of stories/songs unless they are action songs.  He loves his Bookbug teacher at Inverkip Library - she really helps him to enjoy Bookbug like any other child."

Regarding Connect & Collect service "it’s very hard to keep an old woman happy, and you’ve done it for two years.”

"Just wanted to say a big thank you for putting my name down for the Skills on Mobile devices.  Craig was a great teacher and patient.  I don’t think enough people know about this service.  I would certainly recommend it."

"We love Bookbug.  The staff are amazing, we love all the songs."

"Thank you for a fab (Bookbug) session.  Loved seeing my granddaughter interacting with other kids."

"Zack has come on great with the songs and speech since coming here.  Thanks for everything that you all do".

“To all the staff, helpers and drivers at the Gourock Library, I wish to give you all a big vote of praise.  You all make me, and probably many others, very happy.  I love to read, and this is a lifeline for me as I can’t get out anymore.  The drivers come out in all weathers with a smile on their faces, keeping us sane through the pandemic.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and kindness.”

“Love that Michael Bond’s wonderful bear is still being celebrated by Inverclyde Libraries. Have often praised the wonderful service we have here, and today’s thanks goes to the always helpful staff at Gourock Library- was beyond delighted to be asked my recommendations on the books I was returning. What a progressive idea and one I would love to see continue. Thank you to ALL library staff.”

"Thank you so much for the BorrowBox app - it’s been a Godsend to me this year and reignited my passion for reading.  Merry Christmas to the wonderful staff at the library, they’ve been absolute stars this year."

“Thank you for helping us this year – we love our visits".  From Junior 5K and all the staff and pupils of the Junior school.

"Mum is completely overcome with the fantastic selection of books she receives each month and would like to pass on her thanks to everyone concerned.  Mum had been feeling quite poorly, but the Christmas card, shortbread and teabag were the ‘Cherry on top’ for her and have really cheered her up.  She would like to pass on her appreciation and admiration for the service that each and every one of the staff provides at all times.  She said it must be a prerequisite for library staff to be kind, caring people - so thanks once again to all.

"Set son up on Borrowbox today - thanks to Port Glasgow Library for your help.  He also has Spydus App, so expect lots of requests!"

"Thank you for keeping us both in reading material and great books.  It was very much appreciated, and a life saver for us.  Thank you all so much"

"Thank you for a great selection of books, I enjoyed every one of them”

"Was in a library for the first time since Feb 2020.  Could have wept.  So lovely. Very helpful and kind staff pointed us to the craft corner and there we stayed for an hour.  Quiet and mellow, and pens and Lego.  Got ten books."

"As always a great visit to the library staff are great and were helpful as always. Visited on a saturday morning also so nice to see its opened at weekends too. Printed out our boarding passes ..plf's and covid travel documents all for under £1 ...... fantastic service as always"

"Thank you for all your support and kind gifts accompanied by the books.  We do appreciate this service, and true friendship is so important, especially during this pandemic."

"Hello Friends at Inverclyde Library.  “Thank you so much for bringing a new dimension to my life in the way of books.  It has filled an empty space during our lockdowns, and I am so very grateful.  I feel privileged, and wish I could do something in return other than say a very huge Thank You – 1 Million of them!"

To Eilidh “I have always loved reading, and now I am thankful for large print books.  You learn so much from reading.  Continue reading – I hope you enjoy many books.  Thank you for your little note and drawing - it was so kind and thoughtful of you, and very much appreciated.  I enjoyed the biscuit, and a nice cuppa in the mug.   Best wishes from Myra”

“Dear Junior Club Members – Thank you so much for your letter.  I am 87 years old, and your letter was a lovely surprise.  The summer is nearly here, so I hope you manage to get out and enjoy it.“

“Thank you all so much.  I really appreciate the job you do, and I really enjoy my books.  I’m waiting for new glasses, so I’m not going through so many books just now.”

"Hello Eilidh, I enjoyed the books chosen for me - they were very good.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do"

"May I take this opportunity to express our thanks for the excellent service we have been afforded: I have been singing your praises to friends and families in other regions who have not been so well served."

"Thank you so much to Eilidh, aged 9, for her kind note, and thank you to the Library staff for organising the ongoing delivery of books"

"Thank you all for the lovely gift of mug, tea bag and biscuit.  The drawing and message from the Kid's Club brought a tear to my eye"

“The book deliveries from the library have been a Godsend. My husband had been very low since Christmas as he’s usually very active and able to go out and about. The books have helped so much as it’s given him something to take his mind off of being stuck in during lockdown.”

"Dear Books on Wheels Staff,  Thank you for the surprise presents today.  I was looking forward to my books, but not the extra bonuses.  How did you know what my preferred teabags were??    What a lovely idea to send a letter from Library Club children to cheer up us “oldies” – IT WORKED!!"

"Thank you for the zoom (Library Club) meeting. My son is really enjoying the books and activities this month."

"With very grateul thanks for the excellent book collection service.  You've helped to keep the gloom away!"

"Thanks for all of the books that have kept me going!"

"Inverclyde Libraries has been a lifeline for Mum - thank you"

"These ladies in the Gourock Library are wonderful.  They have been supplying myself and my husband with 5 books each over the last few months and they have all been amazing."

“I’m missing the Library for being able to study away from distractions, but also choosing random books that I probably would never think of reading.”




















"The books the staff have been choosing for me are brilliant, and have been even better than the ones I've chosen for myself over the years!  I'm really enjoying my books and loving the Connect & Collect Service"


"They were so delighted at the prompt, helpful, friendly service.  You made a positive difference to their quality of life at this time."


"Thanks to the lovely people who make up the book bags.  They are very much appreciated (especially the latest Andrea Camilleri!"


"I would like to say what a fabulous, warm and welcoming visit we had.  We came to look into renewing our membership.  Not only was this actioned quickly and efficiently, but we also found that there was a Valentine's Craft afternoon on.  My daughter was able to participate in this, and the staff at the library were friendly and encouraging with her.  it really made her visit and she is keen to return.  It was a lovely way to spend some time in this vital service!  Thank you."


"Hello,  I just wanted to message you to say a big thank you to staff at Gourock library for their fantastic Bookbug sessions every week!  My daughter has been going to Bookbug since she was around two months old and she loves it - she goes to quite a few different baby classes and Bookbug is by far her favourite!  She picks up more and more of the actions every week - she learned ‘Round and round the garden’  today and she wouldn't stop repeating it all day!  At 9 months old she can almost say round and garden, mumbles the tune to herself and does all the actions, and it's all thanks to the team at Gourock library!  I just wanted to say thanks so that they can get the recognition they deserve."


"I love books, and therefore I love libraries.  It is not hubris nor hyperbolic when I state that I was heartbroken when the East Branch closed in 2004 – and I still am, as this area has since undergone a regeneration but is without a thriving community library.  I was told, after delivering a signed petition on behalf of the community that people should just buy books.  Council administrations may have changed, but what has not, is the importance of libraries in supporting the essential life skills of literacy and numeracy.  Port Glasgow Library is an important part of my family’s life.  It is where I’ve taken my son (now 12) since he could only crawl, and my 5 year old daughter, who excitedly leaves after every visit with a crammed bag, groaning under the weight of her selections.  It is truly a special place – all libraries are.  Where else can our children learn to read – and so widely – and to fall in love with books, engage their imagination, learn the importance of taking care of another’s property, see various generations interact within a space purely set aside for books?  We love Port Glasgow Library – the books, the facilities, and the people who staff it.  It shines like a beacon that accompanies us through life and learning – and it should continue to do so for future generations to come.  It is not simply a resource."

"Just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoyed the book group on Tuesday evening.  Laurie’s input and support was invaluable helping us to establish themes for discussion and getting us to think about the characters in more depth.  I felt a real buzz afterwards and I am looking forward to starting this month’s book." (A member of the Tea Time Book Chat group)

"Making things was fun, I think the (Port Glasgow) library is fantastic and I feel calm here.  I like chapter books like Roald Dahl.  They are all kind and nice."

"The (Kilmacolm) Library is an essential part of the village with computers and wide range of books, and the staff always friendly and available to assist in any way."

"I recently made a flying visit to the area to try to find a picture of my Great Grandfather who died in 1918. I started doing some searching on the Scotland’s People website and found out he’d been a World War One hero and found more information on the Inverclyde 100 remembrance site.  I found a picture online in a newspaper article printed in 1915 but the quality was such that I couldn’t even see his face. But, thanks to your wonderful staff they were able to locate the newspaper and for the first time I saw my Great Grandfathers face. I was overwhelmed, and cant’s thank staff enough. I had a walk round the Museum and Art Gallery while I was there too and I most certainly will call in again on my next visit home."

"I would just like to say thanks to one of the ladies working this morning when the kids were signing up for the Summer Reading Challenge.  My little boy who has Autism was finding the situation very stressful, and the lady went over with a sensory box for him to play with, and this calmed him right down.  It's great when other people are aware of the struggles of people with additional needs, and this lady was spot on - so Thank You.  My boy even managed to stay until the end, and choose the 6 books he is going to read for the Challenge.  Big Well Done to the staff at Central Library".


Motion S5M-17663: Stuart McMillan, Greenock and Inverclyde, Scottish National Party, Date Lodged: 11/06/2019

That the Parliament appreciates that Inverclyde libraries are the first in Scotland to be transformed into autism-friendly spaces; recognises that the staff have been making changes to support both adults and children on the autism spectrum, such as implementing a re-designed and colour-coded floor plan; understands that the staff have also utilised funding for training in Makaton sign language to help non-verbal children and pay for stress relievers such as sunglasses and ear defenders for children who experience sensory overload; acknowledges that, as part of the unique "Ausome" project, the Central Library in Greenock has introduced autism-friendly afternoons, including a bookbug session for children; notes that the project is supported by local mum, Laura Graham, who set up the autism charity, Kerr’s Journey; believes that this is a fantastic project that will ensure that autistic children and their families can enjoy their local library together, and hopes that all libraries across Scotland will consider making similar changes to make the experience more autism-friendly.


"My experience at the Library was excellent.  Laurie could not have been more helpful in aiding with document scanning, printing and uploading.  I very much appreciate this service.  Thank You".


"I called into the Central Library today to seek some help with my tablet.  I am a complete novice concerning technology, but after speaking Elaine for some time, I am now very interested in the uses of said tablet.  Elaine certainly sparked my interest in this field.  Who knows? - I might even become computer literate".


"Today, my wife and I came into the Central Library to get some information regarding how to use a tablet.  We were very fortunate to have the assistance of Elaine, who very kindly, and with great patience, was able to help us understand about the device.  Thank You".