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The current Library Management Rules are below:




The Inverclyde Council as the library authority for Inverclyde in terms of Schedule 13, Section 5 of the Local Government etc. (Scotland) Act, 1994 hereby make the following Management Rules in exercise of the powers conferred on them by Section 112 of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982, to regulate the use of, and the conduct of persons using, any of Inverclyde Council’s Library Premises and which shall come into force on the Eighteenth day of March, Two Thousand and Twenty Four.


In these Management Rules:

“Acceptable Usage Policy” means such policy or policies as the Council has in force from time to time regulating the use by the members of the public of publicly accessible computers and other public ICT resources in public libraries.

“Assistance Dog” means an assistance dog as defined in Section 173 of the Equality Act 2010.

“Borrower” means any person who has a current registration as a borrower in terms of Clause 1 of these Management Rules.

“Council” means the Inverclyde Council and shall when used within these Management Rules in reference to any decision or determination include such Committee, Sub-Committee or Officers of the Inverclyde Council as are authorised by them to make such a determination.

“Committee” means the committee to which the Council has referred the function of the management of public libraries within Inverclyde.

“Inverclyde” shall mean the administrative area for which the Council is responsible in terms of the Local Government etc (Scotland) Act 1994.

“Library Material” means printed material and other media or articles.

“Library Premises” means

(a) the various premises listed in the Schedule to these Rules, declaring that should the Council cease to use once or more of the individual premises for the provision of Library Services, then the premises in respect of which such use has ceased shall cease to be Library Premises for the purposes of these Rules then, and

(b) such other such premises as may be used from time to time by the Council for the provision of Library Services, and shall for the purposes of these Management Rules, include all doorways, footpaths, roads, grounds and car parks in the ownership of the Council and used in connection with or forming part of the curtilage of such premises, or other office or reception area within Council buildings as is used in connection with any such premises.

“Library Services” means the public lending library and reference library and online services provided by Inverclyde Council through the Culture, Communities and Educational Resources service of the Education, Communities and Organisational Development directorate, and for the purposes of these Management Rules includes such ancillary services (eg. outreach activities) as are provided from time to time.

“Library User” means any person using Library Premises.

“Officer in charge of Library Services” means the Cultural Services Manager or such other Officer as may be from time to time appointed by and/or authorised by the Council with responsibility for the overall management of library services throughout lnverclyde.

“Staff Member” means any person employed by the Council wholly or partly in connection with the provision of library services in Inverclyde, be that at the Library premises or elsewhere in pursuance of their duties.

“the Act” means the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982.

1. Borrowers

1.1 Membership

Any person who is resident in, employed in, at school in, or visiting Inverclyde, may apply to register as a Borrower through the Library Services at any of the Library Premises or online. All persons wishing to become Borrowers must complete an application form and provide two forms of current identification (one of which must show the applicant’s home address). The acceptability or otherwise of the identification shown is at the discretion of the Officer in Charge of Library Services (e-membership doesn’t require identification). Once accepted as a Borrower, such a person will be required, on the request of a Staff Member, to confirm the details provided with their application. Such requests shall not be more often than is reasonably required for conducting the Library Services.

1.2 Children’s Membership

Children aged 11 years and under may become Borrowers on completion of a registration form signed by a parent or other adult with parental responsibility (as guarantor for the child) and on providing acceptable proof of identity. Proof of age may also be requested. Borrowers aged 11 years and under are eligible to borrow books from the Children’s section of the library with Parental permission they can also borrow from the Young Adult section. Borrowers aged from 12 to 15 years are registered as ‘Young Adult’ borrowers and they will be eligible to borrow books from both the Childrens, Young Adult and Adult sections of the library. Any certificated video or multi-media materials will only be issued by branches in accordance with age categories marked on the materials.

There are no restrictions on electronic materials accessed through Borrowbox. Parental guidance is advised.

1.3 Lapsed Membership

Registration as a Borrower in all categories will lapse after a period of two years from last use of the service. Thereafter, re-registration will be required in accordance with this Rule 1.

1.4 Membership Cards

Cards issued for borrowing items from the libraries shall not be transferable. Borrowers are personally responsible for the safekeeping of cards and for items borrowed on their card. Borrowers shall immediately notify any change of address or the loss of a card. A charge may be made for the replacement of lost cards, to be determined from time to time by the Council.

2. Borrowing

2.1 Loan Period

The maximum permitted loan periods for Library Materials will be as determined by the Council from time to time and displayed at all Library Premises. On receipt by the Library service of a request from a Borrower in person, by email, telephone, or online, the loan period may be extended for any item on loan to that Borrower, other than when the item concerned has been requested by another Borrower. No loan shall be extended more than four times. The Officer in charge of Library Services may, at their discretion, reduce the maximum loan period for any item if it is in heavy demand, or for any other appropriate reason.

2.2 Number of items

The maximum number of items which can be borrowed by a Borrower will be as determined by the Council from time to time and displayed all Library Premises.

2.3 Charges for certain materials

Borrowers may borrow audio, DVDs, multi-media and other materials or suggest items for stock according to borrowing entitlements as referred to above and on payment of any charges determined by the Council from time to time and as published at all Library Premises.

2.4 Overdue Items

Borrowers aged 18-59 years of age who retain Library Materials beyond the maximum permitted loan period will be charged for such items at such a rate or rates as shall be determined from time to time by the Council. Borrowers will be notified of any Library Materials retained beyond the maximum permitted loan period, but failure to give such notification shall not relieve the Borrower of the charges.

2.5 Payment for Loss or Damage

Borrowers or guarantors of Borrowers shall be responsible for loss of or damage to Library Materials, and a sum not greater than the total of a) the retail cost of the lost or damaged item and b) such administrative charge or charges in respect of dealing with such loss or damage as may from time to time be determined by the Council as appropriate in such circumstances, will be charged. Damage or defect to an item which is discovered before borrowing should be brought to the attention of a Staff Member.

3. Conduct

All persons shall behave at all times in the Library Premises in a manner which is consistent with standards of good conduct in public libraries, which standards will for the avoidance of doubt include not causing undue noise or disturbance. It shall be a matter in the discretion of individual Staff Members (acting reasonably) as to what shall constitute such standards of good conduct in public libraries. Staff Members shall be entitled to refuse admission to or to expel from the Library Premises any persons who, in the reasonable opinion of those Staff Members, are not conducting themselves in accordance with these standards.

3.1 Dogs, other Animals and Wheeled Conveyances Prohibited

Except with the consent of a Staff Member, no person shall cause or allow any dog (other than an Assistance Dog accompanying a disabled person) or other animal belonging to them or under their control to enter or remain in the library, or bring in any wheeled conveyance other than wheelchairs, mobility scooters, pushchairs, or prams.

3.2 Behaviour in the Library

3.2.1 Any member of the public may refer to materials held in the library, whether lending or reference stock, but no materials may be removed from the library unless duly authorised.

3.2.2 Library users must comply with all directions given to them by Staff Members in the course of their duties.

3.2.3 Smoking / Vaping or consumption of alcohol or taking of illegal drugs is not permitted in Library Premises.

3.2.4 Food or drink not purchased in the Library Premises must not be consumed upon Library Premises.

3.2.5 Mobile telephones must be switched to silent and their use must not disturb other library users.

3.2.6 Any person causing offence through personal hygiene or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be removed and excluded from the Library Premises. Disorderly, violent or insulting behaviour including the use of indecent or offensive language towards other Library Users or Staff Members by any person will result in that person being removed and excluded from the Library Premises

3.2.7 No member of the public shall enter or remain in any part of Library Premises identified for staff or private use.

3.2.8 Parents and carers are responsible for the supervision and behaviour of their children at all times within the Library Premises. Children aged eight years and under must be accompanied by a parent or adult with parental responsibility when visiting the Library Premises. Children between the ages of eight and twelve must not be left unaccompanied by a parent or carer unless part of an organised activity, and with prior agreement. Parents and adults with parental responsibility must undertake to ensure that if their children are left in the care of Staff Members for an organised activity such children behave in a manner considered reasonable and appropriate by Staff Members. The Library staff reserve the right to ask parents and carers to remove a child from an organised activity if their behaviour is disruptive to other participants.

3.2.9 It is prohibited to undertake sound recording, photography or filming, including filming by the use of mobile phones with cameras, without the prior consent of library staff.

3.2.10 The use of portable audio players (such as mobile phones, iPads/ tablets etc.) within Library Premises is permitted only with the use of headphones, and should not disturb other Library Users.

3.2.11 No trading or sale of goods is permitted in any of the Library Premises, without the consent of the Officer in charge of Library Services.

3.2.12 In the event of the structure, furniture, fittings or other contents of the any of the Library Premises being damaged or destroyed, the person responsible shall be liable for the cost of making good the damage or for replacing the articles destroyed.

3.2.13 The designated opening hours for the Library Premises will be displayed at the premises and no person, other than Staff Members carrying out their duties, shall remain in the Library Premises outwith these hours.

4. Use of Public Access Computers

Any person may use public access computers within the Library Premises, provided however that:

• if they are aged 8 or under, they must be accompanied by a parent or other adult with parental responsibility;

• if they are aged from 9 to 11, they must have written parental consent, as contained within the membership form; and

• if they are not a Borrower in terms of Clause 1 of these rules, they must provide acceptable personal identification before they can use the public access computers; and

• they must only do so in accordance with the Acceptable Usage Policy.

The Acceptable Usage Policy is available from all the Library Premises and on all public access computers.

5. General Rules

5.1 Bills, notices or leaflets may be displayed or distributed in any part of the Library Premises only with the consent of the Officer in charge of Library Services.

5.2 The Council shall have no liability in respect of the loss or theft of any item belonging to a Library User.

5.3 At the discretion of the Officer in charge of Library Services, appropriate areas of the Library Premises may be used for community, cultural, educational or social purposes. Such uses shall be controlled by means of a written agreement between the user and the Council.

5.4 Library Users are reminded that the provisions of the general law apply at all times. Any action which would contravene the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 is strictly prohibited on Library Premises.

5.5 Any person who contravenes these Management Rules may be subject to suspension of their registration as a Borrower and the use of Library Services, at the discretion of the Officer in charge of Library Services.

5.6 A Staff Member may, under Section 116 of the Act:

i. where he or she has reasonable grounds for believing a person has contravened or is contravening a management rule, expel that person from the Library Premises; and

ii. where he or she has reasonable grounds for believing that a person is about to contravene a management rule, exclude that person from the Library Premises.

5.7 A person who persistently contravenes or attempts to contravene these management rules and is, in the opinion of the Council, likely to contravene them again, may be subject to an Exclusion Order by the Council under Section 117 of the Act for a period not exceeding one year.

5.8 Any person who:

i. on being required to leave any Library Premises by an authorised officer of the Council who has reasonable grounds for believing that the person has contravened, is contravening or is about to contravene any of these Management Rules applying to the Library Premises, fails to leave;

ii. on being informed by an authorised officer who has reasonable grounds for believing that the person is about to contravene any management rule applying to Library Premises that he or she is excluded from the land or premises, enters or attempts to enter the land or premises; or

iii. being a person subject to an exclusion order under section 117 of the Act, enters or attempts to enter the land or premises to which the exclusion order relates

Shall be guilty of an offence and liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding level 1 on the standard scale

These Management Rules are, together with the Schedule forming part thereof, executed by being sealed with the Common Seal of Inverclyde Council and signed by Anne Sinclair, Proper Officer of Inverclyde Council at Greenock on the Twenty Sixth day of February Two thousand and Twenty Four.

Management Rules - Version Control Statement

Strategy / Policy Name: Management Rules

Written by: Cultural Services Manager and Inverclyde Council Legal Services

Approved by: Tony McEwan- Head of Culture, Communities & Educational Resources

Version No: 1.1

Date: 2024

EqlA Required: Y

EqlA Completed Date: 2023

Distributed to: All Inverclyde Libraries’ Staff

Distribution Date: 2024

Review Date: 2034



1. Greenock Central Library, Wallace Place, Greenock PA15 1JB

2. Gourock Library, Kempock Place, Gourock, PA19 1QU

3. Inverkip and Wemyss Bay Library, Inverkip Community Hub, Main Street, Inverkip, PA16 0FZ

4. Kilmacolm Library, Lochwinnoch Road, Kilmacolm, PA13 4LE

5. Port Glasgow Library, Fore Street, Port Glasgow, PA14 5EQ

6. Greenock South West Library, Barr's Cottage, Greenock, PA16 9HG

7. The Watt Institution, 15 Kelly Street, Greenock, PA16 8JX