Larkfield, Braeside and Branchton Community Council

The details of the Members of the Community Council are shown on this page, together with any email or website details available for the Community Council.


Communications with the Community Council should be directed to the Secretary.

The Community Council office bearers are as follows:

Vice Chair John Bowes McGilvray Houston 6 Nairn Road, Greenock, PA16 0ET
Secretary Paula Jayne McEwan 92 Kylemore Terrace, Greenock, PA16 0RX
Treasurer Angela Mains 193 Cumberland Road, Greenock, PA16 0UN

The following are also members of the Community Council‚Äč:

Rose McAulay 20 Essex Road, Greenock, PA16 0JJ
Frank Smith 1 Dalriada Road, Greenock, PA16 0RS 
See the documents section of this page for the Declaration of Results for this Community Council in the 2019 Community Council Elections. 

Page last updated: 12 May 2020