Equality Impact Assessments - Inverclyde Council Budget 2019

The following Equality Impact Assessments have been prepared as part of the Council’s budget setting process 2019:

Education, Communities and Organisational Development Directorate
  • Reduction in support from the Council for local events
  • Museums – reduced opening hours
  • Community learning and development – core reduction
  • Community learning and development – reduction in senior posts
  • Libraries – reduction in materials
  • Inverclyde Leisure management fee – increases in charges, development of the Port Glasgow Pool, streamlining shifts
  • Teachers – remove network support
  • Teachers – reduce secondary school staffing
  • Breakfast Clubs – charge £1 per day for non-Free School Meal pupils
  • 5% Reduction in DMR school budgets
  • Reduction in local government employee posts in schools
  • Schools cleaning – reduce non-hygiene area cleaning by one day per week
Environment, Regeneration and Resources Directorate
  • 3.75% Reduction in employability contracts with external providers
  • Introduce new parking charges in currently free car parks
  • Introduce charges for seasonal garden waste uplift
  • Reduction in the roads feasibility study, markings and verge maintenance budgets
  • 6% Reduction in front-line grounds maintenance budget
  • Close the Port Glasgow Customer Services Desk
Health and Social Care Partnership
  • Review of the physical disability service – reduce residential care
  • Further reduction in care home beds
  • Redesign of Advice Services Team resulting in a reduction to staffing.

The Equality Impact Assessments are available to view by clicking on the links in the Documents section of this page.

The Council’s Budget 2019 will be set on Thursday, 21 March 2019 at a meeting of Inverclyde Council.  You can find the papers for this meeting in the Committees & Meetings page on this website.