Audited Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts for the Period from 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023

Regulation 10(1) of the Local Authority Accounts (Scotland) Regulations 2014 requires a Local Authority to approve the Audited Accounts for signature no later than 30 September immediately following the financial year to which the accounts relate and to publish the Audited Accounts by 31 October.

The Council’s Financial Statements have been compiled in accordance with the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting in the United Kingdom. A brief summary of the main financial statements and their purpose is outlined below.

Statement of Responsibilities for the Annual Accounts

This statement sets out the respective responsibilities of the Council and the Chief Financial Officer (Section 95 Officer) for the financial statements.

Annual Governance Statement

This statement explains the arrangements for the governance of the Council’s affairs, including the arrangements for the management of risk, and details improvement actions that will be undertaken.

Remuneration Report

This statement sets out the disclosures required under statute for the arrangements for the remuneration of Senior Councillors and Senior Officers, the amounts paid for each “relevant” person and the post held, and their accrued pension benefits.

Principal Financial Statements

  • Movement in Reserves Statement shows the movement in the year of the different reserves the Council holds; analysed into usable reserves (i.e. those that can be applied to fund future expenditure or reduce local taxation) and other reserves.
  • Comprehensive Income and Expenditure Statement shows income and expenditure incurred in the year.
  • Balance Sheet represents the value of assets and liabilities of the Council as at 31 March.
  • Cash Flow Statement summarises the change in cash and cash equivalents of the Council during the reporting period. The statement shows how the Council generates and uses cash and cash equivalents by classifying cash flows as operating, investing and financing activities.

Supplementary Financial Statements

  • Council Tax Income Account shows the gross and net income from the Council Tax, together with details of the number of properties on which Council Tax is levied, and the charge per property.
  • Non-Domestic Rates Income Account shows the gross and net income from non-domestic rates and details the amount payable to or by the national non domestic rates pool, and the resulting net redistribution of non-domestic rate income for the financial year to the Council.