This page contains a range of performance information aimed at demonstrating the progress that is being made in the delivery of the following Corporate Plan organisational priority:

To reduce the prevalence of poverty in our communities, with a particular focus on reducing child poverty 

Click on the link in the Documents section to view a snapshot of our performance in relation to tackling poverty.  

You can also view full details of the Council's performance across all its organisational priorities in the Corporate Plan Annual Performance Report which you will find in the 'Related Links' section.   

Inverclyde Alliance Board approved the Year 4 Local Child Poverty Action Plan on 20 June 2022. This report provides a strategic overview of the priorities, and actions that have been delivered to mitigate poverty in the area. The plan also includes the interventions services will take forward throughout 2022/25 to deliver improvements for children living in poverty in Inverclyde. 

You can find more information on the work being undertaken by Inverclyde Council and its community planning partners in relation to reducing poverty in the Inverclyde Local Child Poverty Action Report 2022/25 in the Documents section.     


Inverclyde Child Poverty Local Action Annual Report Year 5 2023/24

Under the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017 there is a requirement for all local authorities and relevant Health Boards across Scotland to reduce child poverty.  The Act sets out four national statutory income-based targets to be achieved by 2030.  The four targets are: -

•       Less than 10% of children are in relative poverty

•       Less than 5% of children are in absolute poverty

•       Less than 5% of children are in combined low income and material deprivation

•       Less than 5% of children are in persistent poverty.

The Inverclyde Alliance Board agreed in 2022 that the annual Child Poverty Local Action Report would be a 3-year strategy 2022-2025 with annual updates to Scottish Government and Inverclyde Alliance in line with the Child Poverty (Scotland) Act 2017.  This report provides the annual overview of our success in 2022/23 and proposed strategic action plans to be implemented for the period 2023/24.


The aim and drivers of the Inverclyde Child Poverty Local Action Report year 5 remains.

“Working together, using all available evidence, to reduce inequalities and poverty and build a community where fewer families are living in relative or absolute poverty by 2025.”

We will achieve this aim by: 

•       Increasing income from employment by offering a range and choice of opportunities for priority parents to help them access and maintain employability, and employability, learning and training

•       Increasing income from benefits to ensure systematic whole family approach for families more likely to be living in poverty and facing financial insecurity

•       Mitigating the cost of living by providing accessible and affordable childcare activities and food for children in priority families

•       Developing our approach to communication and participation by working collaboratively with families with lived experience to ensure services respond effectively and meet their needs.


You can access the Child Poverty Local Action Report Year 5 2023/24 in the Documents section.