Council Plan 2023/28

The 2023/28 Council Plan sets out the vision for the Council as a whole and the ways in which we hope to improve the lives of, and deliver better outcomes for, the people of Inverclyde. In striving to deliver this strategic plan, and by working with our Inverclyde Alliance partners, we will aim to achieve the vision of: "Success for all - Getting it right for every child, citizen and community".

At its heart, the Council Plan 2023/28 aims to ensure that Inverclyde Council is a dynamic service provider, able to respond to the needs of all our communities and one that plays its part actively as part of public life, locally and nationally.

The Council Plan 2023/28 aligns to and supports the Inverclyde Alliance Partnership Plan 2023/33, ensuring that partners work together to create conditions that promote success for all and addresses inequalities. The Partnership Plan 2023/33 is available under the Documents heading on this page.

The Inverclyde Commitment is "Success for All – Getting It Right for Every Child, Citizen and Community". We are very aware that life opportunities vary across our population and there are significant challenges in relation to deprivation and inequality. We want to achieve success for all, with everyone in our communities being able to easily access high quality Council services.

The Council Plan 2023/28, along with the related development documents, can be found in the Documents section on this page.

We will work across three themes in the Council Plan 2023/28. 

Theme 1: People

The people of Inverclyde and the people employed by the Council to deliver our services are the lifeblood of the area. Making sure everyone has an equal opportunity to benefit from successes and to move forward in every area of their work and life is at the heart of how we develop individuals to reach their true potential, and ensure our community and Council are resilient to challenge.

Outcomes we will achieve:

• Our young people have the best start in life through high quality support and education

• Gaps in outcomes linked to poverty are reduced

• People are supported to improve their health and wellbeing

• More people will be in employment, with fair pay and conditions

• Our most vulnerable families and residents are safeguarded and supported

Theme 2: Place

Inverclyde is a collection of places – its towns and villages – each with its own identity but with a keen sense that, by being part of a wider group, moving forward together helps make sure we are all benefitting from success and opportunities.

Outcomes we will achieve:

• Communities are thriving, growing and sustainable

• Our strategic housing function is robust

• Our economy and skills base are developed

• We have a sufficient supply of business premises

• Our natural environment is protected

Theme 3: Performance 

We are an ambitious Council, always striving to improve and develop. Performance is therefore the third theme in our Council Plan 2023/28.

Outcomes we will achieve:

• High quality and innovative services are provided, giving value for money

• Our employees are supported and developed. 

Progress is monitored and reported in line with our Performance Management Framework and our progress reports are available under the Documents heading on this page.