Solution Oriented Approaches

What is a Solution Oriented Approach?

Solution oriented approaches are used in educational and social services as an effective way of identifying positive outcomes to complex and challenging issues. A solution oriented approach helps people to develop goals and solutions rather than just explore and analyse current problems. It is different to more traditional helping methods in that it focuses on the present and the future, on goals and how to achieve them. A solution oriented approach is a strength based approach that supports commitments to forming positive relationships, building understanding and connections with young people, and recognising what influences a child or young person’s behaviour.

Solution Oriented Training

Solution oriented approaches centre on a number of key principles which lead and guide thinking and practice in a range of contexts and are supported by tools and techniques. Training in solution oriented approaches covers:

  • Overview including background and principles
  • Individual work active empathic listening, summarising, reframing, competency profiling, scaling and goaling
  • Classroom based approaches, short conversations, engagement with learning and solution oriented circles
  • Solution oriented meetings, general meetings, and pupil planning meetings incorporating a GIRFEC approach