Gaelic medium education

Parents wishing to have their child educated though the Gaelic medium who are not in the Whinhill Primary School catchment area should submit a placing request in the February before the child would start school (see the Related Links section on this page).

If pupils wish to continue their secondary education in the Gaelic medium parents should submit a placing request application to Glasgow Gaelic School. 

The address for Glasgow Gaelic School is: Headteacher, Sgoil Ghàidhlig Ghlaschu, 147 Berkley Street, Glasgow G3 7HP.

Key features of Gaelic medium education

  • children are immersed in the Gaelic language all day long
  • children use books and materials written in Gaelic
  • English language lessons are gradually introduced in Primary 4
  • by Primary 7 children are following the full range of subjects in Gaelic and English
  • children join the rest of the school for a number of activities
  • children take part in a variety of artistic and cultural activities such as the MOD, Inverclyde music festival and drama productions.