Memorial Benches

A special way to celebrate the memory of a relative or friend is to have a bench with an engraved memorial plaque placed at a favourite spot within a park or public open space.

There is now an opportunity to have a memorial plaque placed on a memorial bench within Knocknairshill Cemetery and the Garden of Remembrance at Greenock Crematorium.  For further information please contact the Burial Grounds Office on 01475 715658.

You can purchase a memorial bench from Inverclyde Council. To apply, please refer to the link provided where you can download and print a Memorial Bench Placement Request Form.

Please note that the following conditions apply:

  • The bench must be purchased through Inverclyde Council and be an approved type (refer to the link to download bench details).
  • Current price is £679.16 (This price includes an inscribed memorial plaque, installation and VAT).
  • The cost will be payable in advance once your placement request has been approved.
  • The Council cannot guarantee that your bench will be placed at the location requested. If this is the case, an Officer will contact you to discuss an alternative site.
  • Once installed, the bench will become the property of Inverclyde Council and be available for use by the general public.
  • Maintenance, as considered appropriate, will be assessed and carried out by Inverclyde Council.
  • If the bench is vandalised or damaged beyond economical repair, it will be removed and disposed of at the discretion of the Council.
  • Inverclyde Council will not be responsible for replacement of the damaged bench. You will be notified of the removal at your last known address
  • If you leave flowers at a memorial bench please ensure that you return to remove them once they are spent.  Please dispose of them thoughtfully in a nearby bin or take them home.

If you would like to proceed please complete the Memorial Bench Placement Form and return it to:

Inverclyde Council
Environmental & Commercial Services
Unit 1, Ingleston Park
Cartsburn Street
PA15 4UE

For further information, please contact 01475 714765