Seasonal Garden Waste Collection Service Terms and Conditions

The Agreement

This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of Inverclyde Council’s Seasonal Garden Waste Collection Service.  By agreeing to pay for this service you will be accepting these terms and conditions. In these conditions:

“Council” means Inverclyde Council.

“Service” means the Seasonal Garden Waste Collection Service.

“Customer” means the person receiving the Service provided by the Council.



Customers already assigned to a Council brown bin collection route are eligible to apply for the Service.


Wheeled Bin Presentation

Wheeled bins must be presented at the regular collection point by 7am on the designated collection day. All wheeled bins must be presented with the lid fully closed.  Wheeled bins which are overfilled and/or excessively heavy will not be uplifted. The Council shall have no responsibility for the uplift of excess waste presented beside or on top of wheeled bins.

Wheeled bins presented after 7am which are missed, will not be uplifted by the Council until the next scheduled brown bin collection day.

Only wheeled bins supplied by or approved by the Council will be emptied by the Council.

The wheeled bin has been allocated to the address and remains the property of Inverclyde Council, therefore, it should not be removed.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that the permit is applied correctly to the brown bin, as per the instructions detailed on the reverse of the permit.

Permits are issued detailing the individual property information; they are non-transferrable and only valid when presented at the property for which they were originally purchased.

Copies of permits will not be accepted.  

The Council has no obligation to empty bins which do not comply with the above conditions.


Missed Collections

Events such as severe weather, access difficulties, breakdowns or other conditions beyond the Council’s control may result in service disruption or missed collections.  In such cases, please present your bin on the kerbside by 7am every day to allow collection at the earliest opportunity.  If your bin is not collected within 2 days, please return the bin to the regular storage area and re-present for uplift on the next scheduled brown bin collection day, conditions permitting.

If the contents of wheeled bins are not uplifted due to material being tightly lodged or frozen, the bin will not be collected until the next scheduled brown bin collection day.  The Customer must ensure that the material is freed or dislodged before re-presenting the bin on the next scheduled brown bin collection day.


Security, Cleanliness, Maintenance & Ownership of Wheeled Bins

The Customer is responsible for the security of their wheeled bins.

The Customer should report bin damage, such as broken wheels and lids. The Council, on request, will repair or replace damaged bins.

On request, bins that are damaged during collection by the Council will be replaced free of charge and the garden waste permit will be re-issued free of charge.  


Contamination of Recycling Bins or Non-permitted Waste

The Council reserves the right not to uplift wheeled bins that:

  • contain incorrect materials
  • are excessively heavy
  • are in a dangerous condition
  • may present a health and safety risk to staff

No materials, other than those specified by the Council, will be accepted in brown recycling wheeled bins.

Where brown bins are contaminated, a sticker will be attached to the bin which will identify that the bin has not been collected due to contamination.

The Customer shall be responsible for the material that is contained in their bins and will be required to make arrangements to remove any contamination identified.  Should the Customer do so, the wheeled bin will be collected on the next scheduled brown bin collection day.

The Council does not take any responsibility for contaminated bins and the Customer shall indemnify the Council in respect of all costs, charges, expenses and liabilities that arise out of any bin which is contaminated by the Customer (or any third party).

The Council may levy an additional charge to the Customer requesting an uplift of contaminated bins (as general waste) before the next scheduled collection day.

In the event that repeated contamination of brown bins occurs, the Council reserves the right to withdraw the Service by giving immediate written notice.

No refunds will be available for any collections missed while the service has been withdrawn.


Contract Period

The contract period will run from March until November.  The annual fee is £40.00 per brown bin.  A permit is required for each individual brown bin presented for collection.

No discounts or concessions are available and regardless of when the permit is purchased, the £40.00 charge will apply.

The Council will endeavour to deliver the permits within 21 days of receipt of application.



Payment must be made in advance.



Permits can be cancelled within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund, thereafter no refunds or part refunds will be given.

To exercise the right to cancel within the 14 day period, you must inform the Council of your decision to cancel the contract by using the online cancellation process before the cancellation period has expired.

If a permit has been issued before the cancellation notice request is received by the Council, you will be liable for any reasonable costs incurred in returning the permit to the Council. In this instance, a refund will be issued upon receipt of the intact and unused permit.

For advice phone 01475 714555.


Use of Recycling Centres

The Customer can use the Council’s Recycling Centres at Pottery Street and Craigmuschat Quarry to dispose of their domestic garden waste free of charge.



Enquiries and Complaints

Telephone 01475 714555


Inverclyde Council,

Customer Service Centre,

Municipal Buildings,

Clyde Square,


PA15 1LY


For information on the Council’s Complaints Procedure please follow the related link.