General information on recycling and bin collections

The Council provides a number of recycling provisions, including blue bins, blue bags, brown bins, green food waste containers and black boxes to supplement the black bins.

This system allows you to sort your waste as follows:

  • Blue:  dry recyclable materials
  • Brown:  garden waste
  • Green container: food waste
  • Black:  non-recyclable waste

Your bins/bags will be uplifted on the same day on alternate weeks:

  • Week 1:  Blue, brown (between March and November) and food waste
  • Week 2:  Black and food waste

Bio-sacks for garden waste are available on request. Additional blue bins and food waste containers are available free of charge. Please contact the Recycling Helpline for information.

It’s really important that blue bins don’t get contaminated with materials that should go in the black bin – a whole lorry load of good quality material could be spoiled in this way.  It’s equally important that food waste is not placed in your blue or brown bin.

All your residual household waste must be contained within your black bin with the lid closed - no side waste or excess waste will be collected.   Some households may need more than one black bin e.g. if you have a large family or someone has a particular medical condition.  If this is the case you may be entitled to an extra black bin free of charge. Additionally, assisted uplifts can be arranged for the elderly or infirm.  Please contact the Recycling Helpline for information.

Unless you have a designated uplift area, you should place your bins on the kerbside by 7am on the day of uplift.  It is an offence under the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 if you fail to remove your bins or boxes from the kerbside after they have been emptied – you must remove them as soon as possible.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your containers are out for collection - if they’re not out they won’t be emptied.

You must not place heavy items e.g. stones, concrete, bricks, soil etc, into any container - if your bin is too heavy it may not be emptied.

Do not pack bins too tightly - items wedged in them may become stuck and your bin may not be emptied.

Do not place hot ashes or corrosive material in any container.

Theft or vandalism should be reported to Police Scotland and to the Recycling Helpline.

Occupants of properties built or refurbished after 1996 must purchase their own BLACK wheelie bin (recycling bins and containers are free of charge).  Refer to on-line order form and the Charging Booklet.

If you plan to go elsewhere to buy a bin, please contact us before you buy to make sure that it is compatible with our lifting equipment.

Remember, even if you don’t have separate containers for recycling, you can still help to meet our targets by using the Recycling Centres at Pottery Street and Kirn Drive and the Neighbourhood Recycling Points throughout Inverclyde.

To report a problem with refuse collection/recycling use the link on the left side of the page.

Page last updated: 10 January 2020