Kirn Drive Recycling Centre/Craigmuschat Recycling Point

A new Recycling Point has been constructed within Craigmuschat Quarry, replacing Broomberry Drive Neighbourhood Recycling Point.

Due to Scottish Environment Protection Agency (S.E.P.A.) licensing regulations, there are no facilities for the disposal of general household waste at Craigmuschat Recycling Point.

General household waste can be disposed of at the Pottery Street site

Only the following materials can be recycled at the Craigmuschat Recycling Point:

  •  paper/card/cardboard
  •  plastics
  •  aluminium/steel cans & tins
  •  glass
  •  textiles
  •  garden waste
  •  rubble
  •  soil
  •  paint
  •  wood

Please ask the site attendant for help or advice.

No commercial vehicles permitted at the Craigmuschat Recycling Point.

Commercial Waste should be taken to an appropriate licenced site.

Please note c.c.t.v. cameras are in operation.

Page last updated: 11 July 2019