Neighbourhood Recycling Points

A new Recycling Point has been constructed within Craigmuschat Quarry, replacing Broomberry Drive Neighbourhood Recycling Point. This site is open from 9 am to 7:50pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6:50pm Saturday & Sunday.

Where is my nearest Neighbourhood Recycling Point?

To give all householders the opportunity to recycle, the Council has located Neighbourhood Recycling Points throughout Inverclyde.  Please note that these are for use by householders only.  Commercial waste of any kind must not be left at these locations but should be disposed of at Pottery Street.

The majority of these Neighbourhood Recycling Points have containers to allow householders to recycle glass and many sites have blue containers where residents can recycle paper, cardboard, cans and plastic bottles and food containers. Some sites also have banks for recycling clothes, textiles, shoes etc.

When you are using the Neighbourhood Recycling Points please remember the following:

  • be courteous to nearby residents and try to use the recycling points between 8am and 8pm.
  • it is important that you place your bottles and other materials in the correct containers.
  • If the containers are full DO NOT leave anything at the site.  Take it to the nearest Neighbourhood Recycling Point or to Pottery Street Recycling Centre.
  • keep the sites tidy by taking your carrier bags/boxes home with you.
  • if any of the bottle banks or containers are full or if a site is littered or has illegally dumped rubbish, please report this to the Recycling Helpline.
  • don’t use these sites to dump other household waste, furniture etc.  This is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
  • please don’t put pyrex glass, window panes, drinking glasses, spectacles or ceramics into the glass containers.

Community Wardens patrol the areas around the Neighbourhood Recycling Points and if they have evidence of who is responsible for dumping non-recyclable rubbish at these sites, they will issue fixed penalty notices.

Click on the external link to view a Google Map showing locations of the Neighbourhood Recycling Points and what can be recycled at each site. The map also shows information about the Recycling Centre at Pottery Street.


Page last updated: 23 August 2019