Plastic refuse sacks

Each household on a 'black sack route' is entitled to 24 sacks, delivered every 20 weeks. 

Unless you have a designated sack uplift area, you should place your sacks on the kerbside before 7am on the day of uplift. Please do not put sacks out on any other day as plastic waste sacks are a potential littering nuisance, attracting animals, birds and vandals. This is an offence under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

A maximum of three bags per household will be collected.

Assisted uplifts can be arranged for the elderly or infirm. Please contact the Recycling Helpline on 01475 715901 for information.

The next distribution of sacks will be due approximately 20 weeks after your last delivery.

Please note deliveries are subject to the availability of adequate resources, suppliers and weather conditions and on occasions may be delayed.