Adoption and Parental Orders

Request for a Certificate of an Original Birth Entry on the Adopted/Parental Order Registers

You may request a copy of an original entry marked "Adopted" through The National Records of Scotland. These certificates cannot be purchased through your local Registration Office. However, the application will only be considered if you can provide the following:

  • The name of the child (after the adoption/parental order was made)
  • Date of Birth
  • The names of the adopters/parental order parents (and if possible)
  • The date of the Adoption/Parental Order

The certificate will carry a statutory fee.  The Direct Extract Service telephone number is: 0131 314 4411


Birthlink is an Adoption Contact Register that can be used either by the parents placing the child up for Adoption or for the Adopted person.

Birthlink began in 1984 at the request of birth parents who wished for information on contact with the child they placed for Adoption.  Unlike the adopted person, the birth parent or relative has no statutory right of access to assist them in tracing the child placed for adoption.

The following people may choose to Register with Birthlink:

  • Any person born or adopted in Scotland (or where there is a close Scottish connection), who wishes to make contact with their birth family
  • Any birth parent who wishes to make contact with the child they placed for adoption
  • Any birth relative who wishes to make contact with the adopted person