What happens if I present my brown bin containing the wrong material?

The Council reserves the right not to empty bins that are suspected of containing incorrect materials; of excessive weight; in a dangerous condition; or which may present a health and safety risk to staff.

It shall be solely for the Council to determine if any bin meets any of the above criteria.

Where recycling bins are contaminated, the Council will attach a sticker to the bin which will identify that the bin has not been collected due to contamination. You are responsible for the waste and recycling that is contained within your bins and if required, you will need to make arrangements to remove any contamination identified. If all contamination is removed, the bin will be emptied on the next scheduled recycling collection day.

On occasion bins may be overly heavy, contents tightly lodged or frozen meaning the lifting mechanism of our refuse collection vehicles cannot empty the bin. Should this be the case, you must ensure that the waste is freed or dislodged before re-presenting the bin on the next scheduled recycling collection day.

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Page last updated: 21 January 2021