Are graveside decorations allowed?

Graves are intended to have a memorial at the head only. To allow them to be neatly mown, obstructions should not be placed on the grass area.

Kerb edging, fences, windmills, toys, pot plants, bedding plants, shrubs and trees on grass areas impede mowing operations and lead to the grave becoming overgrown and unkempt.

Flowers: Many old plastic flowers lie scattered about graves within Inverclyde's cemeteries. Not only do these look unkempt and neglected, they also pose serious problems if they get caught inside the cutters of mowing machines. Please avoid plastics at all times.

Plastic Windmills: These ornaments are increasingly appearing on graves. They often make noises which disturb funeral services at nearby graves and they break into dangerous fragments if struck by nylon strimming cord. In strong winds, they are blown over lawns. These items should not be placed on graves.

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Page last updated: 7 June 2016