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Inverclyde HSCP has a range of services available to people who need assistance with daily living tasks and activities to support them to live as independently as possible at home. Service is available to people living within the community whether alone or as a member of a family.

Services include homecare, reablement, community alarm, telehealthcare and respite at home.

Reablement is an essential part of our care and support at home service. It is designed to assist people to remain as independent as possible, by supporting them to regain their daily living skills and confidence, following a period of illness, accident or disability.

 If you require a longer term service an assessment of your needs will be carried out by the reablement service. This is known as a Single Shared Assessment (SSA), and with your permission maybe shared with other professionals involved in your care. You will be fully involved in your assessment as it is important that your support meets your needs in the best way possible to achieve your chosen outcomes.

If you are assessed as needing a service, Self Directed Support (SDS) gives you the choice of four options to help you organise your support. SDS is about helping people who need support to have as much choice and control as possible over how their support is planned and provided.

Please see the links on this page for more information about assessment and SDS.

The service is registered by the Care inspectorate to provide a care & support at home service for adults.

Who can Access the Service ?

Services are available to a wide range of people including older people, people with physical or sensory disability, people with learning difficulties, people with mental health problems. We also work jointly with Community Nursing and the local Hospice to provide palliative care.

How can I access this service?

Contact Inverclyde Advice First at Hector McNeil House to discuss a referral to the service.

If you are in hospital, you will be referred to the Reablement team through the hospital discharge team.

An assessment of your needs will then be undertaken in line with our eligibilty criteria and will be used to assist you in planning and agreeing your support. This is a measure of how critical your needs are and will confirm to you :

  • If you receive any service at all
  • The level and amount of service that you receive
  • Who provides your services

Will I be charged for this service?

You may be charged for your Care at Home Service. The charge is based on your circumstances including your ability to pay. If you are aged 65 years or over then you will not be charged for any personal care services, such as assistance with meals, personal hygiene and mobility. These tasks are chargeable to all service users under 65 years of age. Help with domestic tasks such as shopping, housework, paying bills are chargeable for all service users. You will also receive a financial assessment to ensure that you are receiving all benefits and entitlements due to you.

You can now pay for your services online using the Link on this page.

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