Telehealthcare / Community Alarm Service

The Community Alarm Service

The Community Alarm Service assists people who need extra support to live in their own homes within the community.  The service operates 365 days per year and supports around 2,500 people, and their carers within the Inverclyde area.

The alarm works by connecting it to a telephone line in the person’s home which can be activated by either pressing the button on the alarm unit or the pendant worn by the person on their wrist or around their neck.  When someone presses their alarm, a signal is sent through the telephone line to a monitoring centre.  An operator will answer and speak to the person to find out what kind of assistance is needed.  The monitoring centre can call emergency services, GP, a family member or friend or send a mobile responder to help.

Service users should be made aware that they will need to pay the cost of a local telephone call to their telephone provider every time they activate their community alarm.

The Community Alarm Service is available to anyone who is assessed as being vulnerable or at risk; frail or prone to falls; have a disability or learning difficulty or sensory impairment. 

Telecare Services helps to support people to continue to live in their own home and maintain an independent lifestyle with the appropriate level of carer support.

Telecare can be provided in the form of environmental sensors which work in conjunction with a Community Alarm unit.  These are radio linked to the unit and will automatically summon help if there is a danger or risk present.  There are also a number of personal sensors which can support people to live in their own home.  Some of these include:-

  • Smoke and Heat Detectors
  • Gas Sensor
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  • Flood Detector
  • Chair and Bed Sensors
  • Epilepsy Monitor
  • Door Contacts
  • Pressure Mats
  • Fall Detector, and other pieces of equipment

Telecare packages are tailored to an individual’s assessed need.  Monitors will be installed once a person has been assessed.

Telehealth Service

Within Inverclyde supports people to better manage their long term health conditions. This involves installing a remote hub in a person’s home which is linked to a web based monitoring system.  Individuals are responsible for taking their measurements on a daily basis using equipment such as blood pressure monitor, pulse oximeter sensor, weighing scales, and relaying these through the remote hub.  This information is monitored by medical staff who will provide an early medical response if there is a risk identified from the measurement readings.

How can I access this service ?

To access this service you will require an assessment of need, you should contact Inverclyde Assist First. If you already have a care at home service you should discuss with your Home Support Manager or Care Manager.