What is a Single Shared Assessment?

We describe this assessment process as a Single Shared Assessment (SSA) and this is used to determine the community care needs of anyone over 16 years of age.

With your permission we may share information from your assessment with other agencies involved in your care such as your GP, health professionals or your housing provider.  The SSA is intended to be shared amongst agencies that you come into contact with to ensure that you are treated consistently and that your wishes are respected.

It will take into account the following:

  • any medication you are currently taking
  • your health history
  • your home environment
  • your ability to perform personal care tasks such as preparing and cooking food, washing and dressing etc.
  • your mobility such as climbing up and down the stairs
  • care provided by family and friends
  • your interests and cultural needs

We will ask you questions about how you are coping with things like:

  • your independence
  • maintaining personal safety
  • involvement in family, social and work activities, etc

We also need to know of any significant events in your life such as a period of illness or bereavement which may have an impact on your care needs, as these will also be taken into consideration.