How do I ask for an Assessment?

Contact Advice First at HSCP Headquarters to request an assessment.

An assessment of your needs will then be undertaken in line with our eligibility criteria. This is a measure of how critical your needs are and will inform:

  • if you receive any services at all
  • the level and amount of services you receive
  • who provides your services

If you don't meet the eligibility criteria, we will give you advice on where you can access advice, support and services from a private or voluntary provider. 

Where will the assessment be completed?

The assessment will usually be carried out within your own home. This will enable your assessor to see how you are coping in your home environment. It may take more than one visit to complete your assessment.

If you are in hospital a member of our Discharge Team will complete your assessment prior to your discharge.

Who will complete the assessment?

A range of professional staff may carry out an assessment including:

  • social worker or social work assistant
  • occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant
  • district or community nurse 

Who can be present at my assessment?

You are welcome to have relatives, carers and friends at your assessment. If you need help to make your feelings known you can have an advocate with you at the meeting. The assessment will be carried out in a way that will encourage you to take part and have your say.

What will my assessment be used for?

Your assessment will be used to assist you in planning and agreeing your support. The intention is for the plan to be as flexible as possible to meet your individual needs and could include following services:

  • Addictions
  • Care and Support at Home
  • Dementia Friendly Inverclyde 
  • Intensive Day Care
  • Inverclyde Centre for Independent Living - Equipment and Adaptations to your home 
  • Inverclyde Centre for Independent Living - Reablement
  • Learning Disability
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Mental Health 
  • Residential and Nursing Care 
  • Respite
  • Small Group Day Services
  • Telehealthcare and Community Alarm

​Your assessment will also be used to determine your eligibility for:

  • free personal care if you are over 65 years of age
  • free nursing care regardless of age 

From assessment to support plan

The information in your assessment will be used to draw up a support plan which will detail the type and amount of support you will receive, including unpaid help provided by your family, friends as well as paid care from the council and its partners. It will show:

  • how much care and support will be given
  • when this will take place
  • who will provide this and for how long
  • any care needs that cannot be met
  • what the services will cost

Anyone involved in your care will have access to your care plan. This will ensure that your needs and wishes are respected and that there is continuity of care regardless of who provides it.

The Support Plan will also identify how you wish these services to be provided.

How long will it take to complete my assessment?

From the date of your referral we will aim to complete your assessment as soon as we can and within:

  • 10 days for hospital based referrals
  • 20 working days for community based referrals 


You will not be charged for your assessment however depending on your income and savings, you may be charged for some of the services we provide for you. The person carrying out your financial assessment will be able to give you information on how the charges are worked out, so that you will have an idea of what, if anything, you should pay.

We will give you details about any charges for services, and details of how they are worked out and how you can pay them. We will also tell you about where you can get advice about any benefits you may be entitled to. You have the right at any time to ask us to reconsider a particular charge if you think it is more than you should reasonably be expected to pay.

Reviewing your package of care

Your care package will be reviewed on a regular basis. This is to ensure that you are in receipt of appropriate services for your needs which may have risen or fallen since your last assessment.

Can I see my assessment and support plan?

You have a right to see your assessment and will be given a copy by your assessor similarly with your support plan which you will be asked to sign to say you agree with its content.