Deposit Guarantee Scheme


Deposit Guarantee Scheme (DGS) is designed to support people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness access accommodation in the private rented sector, by guaranteeing a deposit where the applicant does not have sufficient funds to cover the cost. The scheme provides a written bond ‘guarantee’ equivalent to the value of the deposit on the property, up to maximum of £650, to the private landlord instead of providing cash deposit upfront.

The Deposit Guarantee Scheme covers the first 12 months of the tenancy, which gives the applicant a chance to save a cash deposit to give to the landlord at the end of 12 months Deposit Guarantee scheme period.


Benefits for Landlords

  • Reliable contact and support for both Landlord and applicant throughout the course of the scheme
  • Inspection of property, photographic inventory taken of the contents before anyone moves in


Benefit for Applicants

  • The DGS will assist the applicant to move into a property of their choosing in the private rented sector
  • The scheme provides a guarantee to the landlord rather than upfront cash for people who have no or limited available funds to set up a tenancy
  • Individual support is available to the applicant over the course of the Scheme


Further Information

For further information or advice, please contact Housing Options Team:

Inverclyde Centre,

98 Dalrymple Street,


PA15 1BZ


Telephone: 01475 715880