Approval Panel

Stage 4 image - Approval Panel
Stage 4 image
Road to Adoption
Approval Panel

All applicants are considered by Inverclyde HSCP’S Adoption and Permanence Panel which is comprised of a range of people who have knowledge and experience of children and adoption.

The application will be presented by your assessing social worker.

Applicants will be invited to attend the panel considering their application to join in part of the discussion.

Applicants may be accompanied by a family member or a friend.

The Panel will make a recommendation to the Agency Decision Maker

Applicants will be informed of the recommendation verbally within one day.

Applicants will receive written notification within 21 days from the Panel.

In the event of an application being refused, applicants may ask for the decision to be reviewed. The assessing social worker, along with the Adoption & Permanence Team Lead, will provide details of this process.