Scheme of Assistance

The types of assistance available to owners includes the provision of information, advice, practical and technical assistance. Financial assistance is very limited and only available in specific circumstances. All assistance is subject to council priorities, available resources and tailored to individual needs and circumstances. For example, two adjoining owners experiencing the same problems of disrepair contacting the council might therefore not receive the same assistance package. Providing a range of assistance empowers owners to carry out works themselves and will help the council to assist more people in honouring their maintenance and repair obligations.

Where a disabled person's home no longer meets their needs, mandatory grant provision may be available. This will depend on the type of work required to make the persons home suitable for their needs and on whether their needs are deemed eligible for support under the Councils' Priorities Framework.  This is determined following an assessment of the person's needs which is carried out by an Occupational Therapist.  The types of assistance that will be provided to disabled persons are described in the 'Scheme of Assistance'.

Financial Assistance

The types of financial assistance available for home owners in Inverclyde are described in the 'Scheme of Assistance'.  To ensure that Inverclyde Council achieves the maximum benefit of the budgets available for private sector housing, financial assistance will be prioritised for resident owner-occupiers on the following basis;

  • Houses in significant breach of the Tolerable Standard or lacking Standard Amenities
  • Work to meet the needs of a disabled person
  • Replacing lead pipe which supplies drinking water
  • Central heating systems for those in fuel poverty – (in the first instance contact HES – see energy efficiency page)
  • Improving the thermal insulation quality of housing

If you think that the works you require qualify for financial assistance please contact the Customer Service Centre, at the details on this page, to speak to the Senior Grants Officer.

Grant assistance is not available for general repairs or maintenance work such as roughcasting, roof replacement or repairs, window replacement or repairs and storm damage.