Scottish Joint Council (SJC)

This sections includes information for all Scottish Joint Council (local government) employees (including sessional).

Our Services

To achieve our priorities, we deliver a wide variety of services which support the citizens, businesses and visitors of Inverclyde. These services are delivered by us, through you, our employees. We are comprised of 3 key directorates which each have responsibility for ensuring that we meet our statutory requirements as a local authority, while also meeting local needs through delivery of services specific for our area.

Corporate Statement

Inverclyde Council is focusing on making Inverclyde a place which nurtures all its citizens, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to have a good quality of life and good mental and physical wellbeing. Our vision is: ‘Getting it right for every Child, Citizen and Community’, see related link on page.

Equality and Inclusion

Inverclyde Council is committed to providing a culture whereby diversity and achieving equality of opportunity are practiced and promoted, and contribute directly towards achieving the council's key values.

Inverclyde Council recognises the benefits of having a diverse workforce and is working towards building and maintaining positive and inclusive workplaces, where everyone feels valued and respected. Mainstreaming equality and inclusion is a high priority and we are working towards ensuring our workplace practice is modern and diverse.

The Council's Nurturing Inverclyde approach aims to get it right for every child, citizen and community, and this includes how we ensure that people with protected characteristics are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included, see related link on page.

Supporting your development

Your manager will provide you with support, advice and guidance for your development throughout your career with us. Organisational Development Advisors and Human Resource Advisors are also available to support you in your new role.

Special Requirements

All new employees are encouraged to discuss any special needs that they may have.



Page last updated: 18 November 2016